Phil Tirone with #76

Bruce Norris is joined this week by president of 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score, The Mortgage Equity Group, and panelist for I Survived Real Estate 2008, Philip X. Tirone. Bruce and Philip discuss his term mortgage lifestyle dilemma, the consumer and disposable income, people trying to get out of loans, the percentage of people now able to get financing, the speed of the credit dry up, issues funding even with a large down payment, risk level exaggerations, the current state of home equity lines of credit, credit cards becoming the next line of liquidity, credit limits being reduced if a consumer’s credit score is not good, credit card companies looking into a consumer’s industry where they work, certain industries falling out of favor with credit issues, the Universal Default Clause and the interest rate associated with this clause, the different types of lenders, wholesale brokers, how the collateralized debt was put together, the main liquidity in the market, the price difference between a fixed and unfixed home, how lenders feel about unfixed homes, the national and local bills being discussed to help, who people are blaming for this mess, non-owner occupied financing, solutions being aimed at the wrong crowd, how lenders are dealing consumers looking to walk away even though they are current,

Philip’s commitment to educating homebuyers prompted the “7 Steps Licensing Program,” which allows mortgage brokers nationwide to become licensed in the 7 Steps and in turn help improve their clients’ credit scores. He is also developing the 7 Steps Foundation, a charitable foundation that will allocate funds to help low-income and underserved Americans increase their credit scores and buy homes.

Philip has been featured in articles on credit and mortgage trends in the Los Angeles Times, New York, Wall Street Journal, Newsday, Woman’s World Magazine, San Jose Mercury News, Bottom Line Magazine,, and several others.

Philip created the Complete Financial Navigator™, a tool to analyze his borrowers’ needs and financial picture, thereby helping borrowers overcome barriers to achieving their real estate goals. As a frequent guest lecturer at the University of California Los Angeles, Philip has authored and delivered numerous speeches regarding the “Mortgage Lifestyle Dilemma,” a phrase he coined to describe an emotional buying decision that results in overextension and a life that revolves around high mortgage payments. By analyzing industry-specific buying trends, he has devised a series of questions to help borrowers avoid this dilemma.

Philip was named Arizona State University’s Man of the Year upon graduating with a real estate degree in 1994. Since then, he has continued to receive acclaim, most recently in the New York Times best-seller, Secrets of the Young & Successful.

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