Philip Tirone

Philip Tirone

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Philip Tirone believes that unique situations create an exceptional man, so he does unusual things like…

  • He drinks small amounts of peroxide each day to oxygenate his blood.
  • He lived in an 800-square-foot home in Mexico with nine people and no running water.
  • He once sent President Clinton a seven-day bowel detoxification program because he thought the former president looked unhealthy.
  • As a father of four, he loves Disneyland more than his kids do. He likes to impress his wife by rapping PG-versions of songs like “Straight Outta Compton.”
  • As a young man, he volunteered in Calcutta with Mother Teresa. He almost entered the Catholic seminary; when he realized he was not being called to the priesthood, he created a program that increased enrollment to the priesthood for the Los Angeles diocese by 5000 percent in two years.

Philip’s family motto is “Tirone’s never quit.”

  • Philip was denied entrance into all universities except one, which accepted him on the condition that he enroll in remedial English. Four years later, he graduated from Arizona State University as Man of the Year.
  • He has taken hundreds of hours of private dance lessons, even though he lacks rhythm. During his 52nd lesson, his dance instructor asked him if he listened to the music, to which he responded, “No. Am I supposed to?”
  • He has spent countless hours and more than $500,000 on personal coaching.

Philip has been an entrepreneur from the start, buying and selling gold and silver in elementary school, and later establishing a car audio resale business in high school. As a mortgage broker, he created 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score to help his clients increase their credit scores and buy larger homes.

After spending years and years testing and strategizing ways to market his book, workbook, infomercial, teleseminar, webinar, and wealth-enhancement course, Philip took the knowledge he gained to create Elovon, a non-traditional marketing company that merges direct marketing technologies with powerful written-work strategies and data analytics to create an emotional bond between his clients and their marketplace.

Philip believes in multipliers, and he refuses every opportunity -no matter how grand – unless he can affirmatively answer two questions: Will this opportunity give me more time with my family? and Can this opportunity be leveraged without relying on my time?

He encourages his clients to lean into the same mindset when determining their own marketing strategies by asking: Will this opportunity take you closer or further away from your overarching personal objective?

Philip has been a member of Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach inner circle for ten years. This is his second year with Harvey Mackay’s Roundtable. He also is a member of several marketing mastermind groups.

Philip Tirone is an active member of the Catholic Church and serves on the Diocese of Phoenix Campaign for Human Development Economic Subcommitee. He is also passionately involved in the National Center for Fathering’s movement to reverse the trend toward fatherlessness, and he is a supporter of the Rotary Foundation. He has been trained in child brain development at the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, and he is a private pilot.

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