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All comments below are being used with the permission of the writer. Those wishing to remain anonymous are marked accordingly. If you would like to share comments about our events or TNG in general, please email them to Aaron.

Peter A., Los Angeles

The training that I received from TNG is priceless……where do i start…….I learned about the REO world, agent relationship building, how to look like a pro and not a shmo…..repair estimating, the online aspects of Real Estate…but mostly, how to appraise and evaluate a deal. I feel very knowledgeable in my chosen market. People always complain about hard money costs, but for me, it is part of my education.To have my work verified and funded by the best RE company in California, TNG is awesome. I get better and better at what I do each deal. And confidence breeds success in this business. I am easily paying for my hard money costs by buying right and I’m supported by honest, hardworking people who truly want me to do well. Just the referrals alone from TNG for RE support companies (escrow, insurance, etc.) have saved me many thousands of dollars. My call is always received as if I am their #1 client. There may come a day when I have so much cash that I can fund all my own purchases, but until that day, I am backed by millions of dollars and a company that I can believe in.That gives me the confidence to make as many offers as possible without fear of not being able to fund. Thanks for changing my life. I love you all.

– Peter A., Los Angeles


TNG is the Bomb, they are the best at doing what they say. Their hard money department is the best. TNG’S training and ongoing updates help keep me informed as to what the market is doing now and what to expect in the future so I can make a well-informed decision about what direction to take.

– Anon

Brain O.

Craig Hill and The Norris Group lending team are extremely easy to deal with. Their follow-up is awesome and they deliver what they promise.

– Brain O.

Andrea E.

Being able to close a transaction in 10 days and keeping your word to a seller is imperative in this business. None of that would be possible without The Norris Group as my money partner. When you purchase property below market value you have to provide a service that can not be provided through traditional channels. You have to have a company that you can count on if you want to be successful in this business. The Norris Group allows me to concentrate on finding deals, because I know The Norris Group will fund the deal in 10 days without any effort on my part, allowing me to keep my promise of a quick close with the seller.

– Andrea E.

Kurtis S.

When our money partner failed to perform at the last minute, we were desperate because not only did we risk losing our deal, but we were liable to our seller.  To make matters worse, our seller was in escrow to buy a new house and needed our purchase money IMMEDIATELY so we were risking liability to TWO parties!  I called Craig and he worked miracles for us going above and beyond to get us the money faster than I’ve ever seen, and our group has been doing this for ten years.  The appraiser came out the next day; money was wired to escrow within 5 days.  Craig saved our deal and earned our exclusive lending business.

– Kurtis S.

Ryan M.

Great thanks goes to The Norris Group! Their ability to close deals quickly, fund projects that others will not and over all GREAT service has aloud for me to flip several homes this year. They are truly part of my “team” and are a tremendous asset to my business. I recommend TNG whenever the opportunity arises, with the information and knowledge passed down through their training absolutely anyone can succeed. Thank you again to everyone at The Norris Group!

– Ryan M.


Craig is an absolute professional and has a great understanding of the market and who he is working with as an investor. This allows him to successfully put together legitimate deals that can close and be flipped for a profit. Therefore, as an investor, I know if he were to say no to a deal I should be thankful he may have just saved me time and money.

– Testimonial


One of the best things about investing with the Norris Group is the fact that you are investors all well so you understand what business your customers and are therefore better able to serve them then most lenders who just lend money.

– Testimonials

Derek W.

My first transaction with The Norris Group went as smooth as I had anticipated and Craig was excellent in working with during the whole process. Not only did he communicate very well but all my e-mail inquiries were answered very quickly. I am looking forward to a growing business relationship with TNG.

– Derek W.

Gary H

Craig and The Norris Group gave me great advice and worked hard to earn my business. It is nice to have a lender in your corner looking out for you.

– Gary H

Michael F

Craig and the whole Norris lending team make closing deals easy. With the help of your team, I’m able to increase my annual income by over $100k a year. Thank you for making the process to easy.

– Michael F

Jenn S

The Norris Group and Craig Hill get an A+++. I have had the opportunity to use them for hard money for the 3rd time now. Great product, great team, I can’t say enough. Thank you!

– Jenn S

Macteam Investments Inc.

We were extremely pleased with how smooth the transaction went. There aren’t many hard money lenders that can make it that smooth and easy. We can’t wait to use TNG again in the near future.

– Macteam Investments Inc.

Doug V.

Thank you Bruce!!! We’ve studied your materials and tried to closely follow your instructions and example during this ever-changing market. Thanks to your education and guidance, we successfully completed our first “buy and flip” and were able to make a nice $40,000 profit in a little over 4 months in what may quite possibly have been the worst year for price declines in California history. You and your staff have been extremely helpful to us and we are forever grateful. We can’t thank you enough for giving us the tools necessary to take advantage of Real Estate Investing in any market!

– Doug V.

Starboard Investment Group, LLC

I’ve worked with many hard money lenders during my extensive real estate career but none as thorough or quick as the Norris Group. They funded our deal in only two weeks and did exactly as they said they would. Craig went out of his way to make it happen on a tight deadline and was exceptional to work with. They will no doubt become a key player on our team and a big part of our success in 2009.

– Starboard Investment Group, LLC

Livia and Felipe, Goodlife Enterprises

Hard money the easy way. Thank you, Craig, Robin and everyone at the Norris Group for being there for us. Without you we would not have been able to do the deals we’ve done so far and we’re looking forward to many many more. And it is not just the loans but the advice and help that has helped our real estate business grow. Thank you so much.

– Livia and Felipe, Goodlife Enterprises

Douglas C.

The Norris Group is a partner every investor should have; Craig is the best in his profession, Robyn is fast and efficient and Rhonda is great to deal with. I highly recommend The Norris Group for any investor’s Hard Money needs, and as for education, they are second to none. The only regret I have is not knowing about The Norris Group back in 2005, I recently got their “California only training series” and the information is amazing. I listen to the CDs time and time again and even though they were recorded in 2006, the real estate market predictions are so right on that is scary; I call it my Real Estate Investing Bible. Thank you Bruce for sharing your expertise with us; life is good because of people like you.

– Douglas C.

Dan G., REI Group

We recently used TNG for the first time. Craig is a real professional and got our loan funded on time. We will definitely use TNG again.

– Dan G., REI Group

Mike Cantu

I met Craig Hill back in the mid 90’s when he was working for another lender. Over the years, Craig and I did lots and lots of business – one loan after another. When Craig left and went to The Norris Group, I followed him; it wasn’t the company, it was the person. Craig has always been upfront, and extremely fair with me. Bruce Norris has done the best job I’ve ever seen assembling the most honorable and ethical staff of people and Craig is an all-star player on that team. It’s always a pleasure doing business with Craig and The Norris Group. As far as I’m concerned, in the investor money lending business, Craig’s the man! A big thumbs up!

– Mike Cantu

Jennifer S.

I worked with Craig Hill to fund a flip for me. I had spoken to a handful of hard money lenders, and Craig and The Norris Group far exceeded the others in professionalism, knowledge, and responsiveness. He is also likable and trustworthy. These attributes are extremely hard to find in real estate investing. I will use The Norris Group for all of my hard money loans, no need to look any further!

– Jennifer S.

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