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  • 6% to 8% passive returns
  • Diversify out of Wall Street
  • Over 100 years of experience

Trust Deed Investment Program

The Norris Group offers high-yield trust deed investments starting at 6.0% to private individuals, corporations, pension plans, 401Ks, retirement funds, IRAs, foundations, endowments, Roth IRAs, Self-Directed IRAs, Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) and SEP accounts. These are passive, secured investments and we only offer first trust deeds.

When you invest in a trust deed, you become the bank and The Norris Group acts as your personal broker. More specifically, with The Norris Group, you become a private money source for California real estate investors who purchase, repair and resell California real estate.

Trust deed investing is one of the safest investments and a great way to diversify your portfolio. The Norris Group is a California Department of Real Estate licensed Broker (DRE License 01219911) and has brokered more than $350 million dollars of loans since 1997. Our professional loan staff has a combination of over 100 years in California lending experience.

Our unique network of professional California real estate investors come to us for funding numerous times a week. In fact, we currently broker several million in privately funded notes every month and are seeking to add interested trust deed investors to our network.

With The Norris Group acting as your broker of choice, we save you time, money, and effort by leveraging our professional network and reputation to bring you these high-yield lending opportunities.

Unique Risk-Controlling Features

  1. Equity– our loan programs are brokered at 60-70% of After Repair Value (or LTV depending on the program).
  2. Money Down – All of our professional real estate investors will have skin-in-the-game via personal funds and spread of equity in the transaction serving as their commitment that the trust deed payment is a priority
  3. 1st Trust Deeds Only – Our investors are the only holder of the note and in first position
  4. No Pooling of Funds – The Norris Group does not pool funds (also called fractionalized trust deeds). This gives the trust deed investor more control of the investment
  5. Non-Owner Occupied Properties Only– The Norris Group only brokers loans on non-owner occupied, single family homes and units (1-4) to a unique client, the professional California real estate investor.

Learn More About Trust Deed Investing

Sometimes this topic can seem overwhelming so The Norris Group has created two great resources to help better explain trust deeds, the process, the players, and how you can get involved.

  1. Download free Trust Deed Investment E-Book
  2. Watch our Trust Deed Video
  3. Have questions? Call us at 951-780-5856

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