We understand that income may be impacted by current events. We need all borrowers to be proactive in protecting tenants while also protecting yourself and our lenders.

The federal government has a number of programs available including the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program as well as the Payroll Protection Program. When we speak to lenders about your case, we need documented proof of income being impacted as well as proof you are proactively seeking assistance for your business. National and state rules do not apply to business-purpose loans. Please also be aware there may be national, state, and local programs offering resources for tenants which may also help you.

Before applying for assistance with The Norris Group, please be prepared to forward proof of application to one of the SBA programs. We need the below form filled out for EACH LOAN you are needing help with. Remember, each loan has a unique lender and they need information on your current financial situation, how you’re obtaining assistance, as the situation with your tenant including if they are paying rent. Help us expedite this request by being ready to provide all of this information at the deal level.

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