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Lenska Bracknell

Lenska Bracknell is a Real Estate investor & broker, rehab educator & entrepreneur.  An independent real estate broker in San Diego working with real estate investors. Being a landlord and investor herself, involved in over 100 fix & flips.  Lenska’s background and expertise make her a valuable resource in understanding the real estate market, property evaluations, and acquisition. Lenska offers monthly investor tours for over 12 years in different San Diego neighborhoods evaluating houses and searching for deals. Teaching investors about Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold in San Diego, Out of state investing, Private Lending, Vacation Rentals, Accessory Dwelling Units & small multi-family investing.

Lenska is also an SDCIA board member.  SDCIA is Southern California Real Estate’s largest investor club. SDCIA’s mission is to Unite Members in a common bond to further their education and promote their success in real estate investment.

She loves flying airplanes, drones, and doing Zumba to J-Lo songs!

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