Norris Bruce
Dec 03, 2018

YES! Think Accessibility

Today’s News Synopsis:

Do agents have an obligation to understand the senior market?’s latest list showed the ten cities getting affected the most by the housing slowdown.  For the first time in a while, December may not be the slowest month this year for home sales.

In The News: “The Housing Slowdown Is Here-and These 10 Cities Are Getting Hit Hardest” (12-3-2018)

“Is the party really over?  Over the last decade, the seemingly unstoppable growth of the American housing market has created a bonanza for sellers, a cutthroat environment for buyers, and an endless source of fascination for just about everyone else.”

MarketWatch – “Luxury condo developers hope a ‘kids concierges’ and IMAX will lure families” (12-3-2018)

“These amenities aren’t kidding around.  Luxury real-estate developers in cities including New York, Miami and Los Angeles are designing buildings with a surprising thing in mind: children.”

Seeking Alpha “Should You Invest In Real Estate In 2019” (12-3-2018)

“The latest edition of Deloitte’s Commercial Real Estate Outlook has been newly released for 2019, and we find a wealth of information in the report that applies to our REIT investment strategy.”

CNBC – “December is usually the slowest month for home sales, but that might not be the case this year” (12-3-2018)

“December is usually the slowest month for the housing market, but this season is not so normal. Some unique dynamics may make this December one of the better times to both buy and sell a home.”

Curbed – “Single-family rental companies turn to Opendoor, Offerpad for new inventory” (12-3-2018)

“Single-family rental (SFR) companies like Invitation Homes and American Homes 4 Rent, which got their start by buying homes out of foreclosure in the aftermath of the 2008 housing collapse, have had a harder time finding new rental properties to buy since the housing market has recovered.”

Mercury News “New rental concept comes to Vallejo, Vacaville” (12-3-2018)

“Copious Living means living lots, or living plenty, the new Solano County-based business’ owners said, and that’s what they seek to provide in an out-of-the-box sort-of solution to the Bay Area’s housing crunch.”

Inman – “How can you help seniors with housing?  Think accessibility” (12-3-2018)

“Agents have an obligation to understand senior housing so we can do right by this large and vulnerable group.”

Bloomberg – “Rental-Home Manager Preps for Next Wave of Landlords” (12-3-2018)

“America’s biggest third-party manager of single-family rental homes will help investors buy properties, betting the burgeoning asset class will draw landlords big and small in need of a one-stop shop.”



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