Would You Rent It To Others?

Today’s News Synopsis:

Have extra space in your garage?  How much do you have to pay for a 2,500 square-foot house in different areas of the country?  Single-family rent prices are continuing to grow in the Southwest according to CoreLogic.

In The News:

Redfin “In Detroit, a Family Needs to Earn $27,000 to Afford the Typical Home.  In San Francisco, It’s More Than $265,000” (8-20-2019)

“You’d need to earn an annual salary of more than $265,000 to afford a typical home for sale in the San Francisco area, which clocked in at $1.42 million in July.”

Curbed “Back on campus, students confront a challenging housing market” (8-20-2019)

“As private developers see big dollars in dorms, college students facing high housing costs.”

Realtor.com “Measuring Up: What a 2,500-Square-Foot House Costs Around the Country” (8-20-2019)

“Today, we showcase 10 shining examples of the power of location. You may be weary of hearing how important location is when discussing real estate, but realistically, it’s the one element a buyer cannot change.”

DS News “White House Considers Reversing Tariffs” (8-20-2019)

“The White House is considering reversing some of the tariffs against China with the threat of recession ahead, Business Insider reports. According to the New York Times, reversing the tariffs against China is one of a range of measures that would be meant to protect a weakening US economy from recession, though The Times did not specify which tariffs officials were considering withdrawing.”

MarketWatch “The best place in America to get the highest return by renting out your vacation home” (8-20-2019)

“Head for the hills.  Sevierville, Tenn., located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, ranked as the No. 1 market to buy a vacation home.”

CNBC – “Neighbor is out to disrupt self-storage: It’s like Airbnb for your stuff” (8-20-2019)

“Got extra stuff? Got extra space? A new company is ready to make a match. Neighbor, based in Salt Lake City, connects homeowners online with people who need storage space.”

CoreLogic “CoreLogic Reports Continued Annual Growth of Single-Family Rents in Southwest” (8-20-2019)

“CoreLogic® (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today released its latest Single-Family Rent Index (SFRI), which analyzes single-family rent price changes nationally and among 20 metropolitan areas.”

Inman “Realogy launches Agent X, its new Alexa-based voice assistant” (8-20-2019)

“Agent X includes calendar features, can provide briefings and is free for agents affiliated with Realogy’s many brands.”


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