Which Grocery Store Is Better For Homebuyers, and Investors?

Today’s News Synopsis:

What impact do grocery stores have on the U.S. housing market?  How can you know for sure if your home is in a safe neighborhood?  In the midst of the California housing crisis, more people are beginning to call their cars and RVs home.

In The News:

MarketWatch “Trump administration reducing the size of loans people can get through FHA cash-out refinancing” (8-5-2019)

“The Trump administration is reducing how much home equity mortgage borrowers can withdraw through cash-out refinances.”

Business Insider “Top LA real-estate agent reveals the 2 most sought-after amenities” (8-5-2019)

“Los Angeles’ luxury market is currently flooded with outrageous amenities like sky parks and massive bowling alleys.”

ATTOM Data Solutions “New ATTOM Data Solutions Analysis Examines the Grocery Store Impact on the U.S. Housing Market” (8-5-2019)

“ATTOM Data Solutions, curator of the nation’s premier property database and first property data provider of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), today released its 2019 Grocery Store Battle analysis, which examines whether living near a Trader Joe’s, a Whole Foods or an ALDI can affect a home’s value – as a homebuyer based on seller ROI and home equity, or as an investor looking for the best home flipping returns and home price appreciation.”

Redfin – “Survey: More Than Half of Homebuyers and Sellers Oppose Housing Density, Only a Quarter Support It” (8-5-2019)

“Homebuyers and sellers are nearly twice as likely to oppose the building of dense housing in their neighborhood than they are to support it.”

CoreLogic “Rental Applicant Credit Quality Improves Nationwide for Fifth Consecutive Year According to CoreLogic Report” (8-5-2019)

“CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today released its 2019 Rental Applicant Risk (RAR) Report, showing the national RAR index declined by two points, compared to 2017, to 83.”

Realtor.com “Is Your New Home in a Safe Neighborhood?  How to Find Out” (8-5-2019)

“There’s a lot to think about when buying a house, especially if it’s in a neighborhood you don’t know well.”

Chron “Two-fifths of homebuyers don’t comparison shop for mortgages” (8-5-2019)

“Thirty-eight percent of homebuyers said they did not comparison shop before selecting their mortgage lender. In part, said Fannie Mae, that was because perceptions of trustworthiness and customer service trumped financial priorities.”

The Guardian “The Californians forced to live in cars and RVs” (8-5-2019)

“As the state grapples with a housing crisis, thousands of people around the San Francisco Bay Area are sleeping in their vehicles.”


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