Which App Is APPlicable for Real Estate?

Today’s News Synopsis:

What are 7 apps that are very essential for real estate investors to use?  What are the four colors you do not want to use if you if want to sell your home?  According to a 2018 Buyer and Seller Survey, single female buyers are a driving force in the market while first-time buyers are finding it much harder.

In The News:

National Association of Realtors – “Single Females Remain a Force in Market, While First-time Buyers Continue to Struggle, According to Realtor 2018 Buyer and Seller Survey” (10-29-2018)

“Single female buyers continue to be a powerful force in the market, while low inventory, rising interest rates and increasing home prices remain, holding back first-time buyers despite notable interest in buying a home.”

MarketWatch – “These 4 colors can be the kiss of death when selling your home” (10-29-2018)

“A fresh coat of paint is a fairly inexpensive way to refresh the look of your home; the average exterior paint job costs about $2,600, while interior paint costs $1,660, according to Home Advisor.”

Inman – “NAR is fighting for these 6 issues in the 2018 midterm elections” (10-29-2018)

“Flood insurance, housing and mortgage finance, net neutrality, data privacy, patent reform and taxes are all priorities for the 1.3 million-member trade organization.”

Apartment Therapy “The Salary You’d Need to Afford Each State’s Most Expensive House” (10-29-2018)

“If you were planning on winning the lottery and buying yourself a totally elaborate multi-million dollar mansion… all I can say is I’m sorry.”

Forbes “Now For Sale, These 110 Acres Have Been In The Same Family Since Before California Was A State” (10-29-2018)

“Not to be outdone by southern California who also has 110 acres of land for sale for $110 million (by the estate of billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen), northern California has the same amount of land for sale for the same price.”

Bloomberg – “Americans Save Less to Sustain Spending as Income Gains Cool” (10-29-2018)

“Americans kept on spending in September as income gains cooled, pushing down the savings rate to the lowest this year. Inflation matched the Federal Reserve’s target, reinforcing the central bank’s outlook for gradual interest-rate hikes.”

ThinkRealty “7 Must-Have Apps for Real Estate Investors” (10-29-2018)

“Real estate investors are constantly on the go, and the majority do not have an official company office space to use as home base. That means, for most, their cell phone, laptop, tablet, or some combination of these is their mobile office”

Adweek “Zillow and Redfin Continue Their Decade-Long Quest to Disrupt Real Estate” (10-29-2018)

“More than a decade past launch, Zillow and Redfin continue reinventing their real estate brands.  Seattle’s two biggest digital real estate brands—online brokerage Redfin and media and services brand Zillow—boldly ruffled feathers when they each launched more than 12 years ago.”

Hard Money Loan Closed

Rancho Cucmango, California hard money loan closed. Real estate investor received loan for $220,000 on this single family property.

Rancho Cucamonga Hard Money Loan


California Real Estate Investor Events

Aaron Norris will be presenting Technology Trends and Effects On Real Estate 2018 at OCREIA on Thursday, November 8.

Aaron Norris will be speaking at the Intelligent Investors Real Estate Conference 2018 on Saturday, November 10.


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