When Fixing Your House Is Breaking Your Marriage

Today’s News Synopsis:

Married and living in a money pit?  More and more homeowners are choosing to stay where they are longer, but what could this mean for real estate?  Apple is giving away $2.5 billion to address the Silicon Valley Affordable Housing Crisis.

In The News:

Forge “Our Money Pit of a House Is Hurting Our Marriage” (11-4-2019)

“Something that drives me crazy is how we tend to treat homeownership as an unqualified good move.”

MarketWatch “Getting down-payment assistance may not make people more likely to default on their mortgages, after all” (11-4-2019)

“Down-payment assistance from government programs is especially important for minority borrowers.”

HousingWire “Here are the 10 U.S. cities with the biggest share of million-dollar homes” (11-4-2019)

“Five of the top 10 cities measured by their share of million-dollar homes are on the West Coast. The next four are on the East Coast, and there’s one smack in the nation’s middle.”

Fox Business “Homeowners staying put longer: What it means for the real estate market” (11-4-2019)

“Homeowners in the U.S. are increasingly staying in their current homes and not moving into new ones, limiting the number of homes available to new buyers.”

Forbes “Where Is The New Class Of Investors Buying Single-Family Rentals?” (11-4-2019)

“Single-family rentals (SFRs) have long been an asset class that’s dominated by mom and pop investors.”

Redfin “Los Angeles, Orange & Santa Clara Counties Are at Risk of Losing More Than $2 Trillion Worth of Housing Value Due to Wildfires” (11-4-2019)

“Four counties in California top the list of places at risk of losing the most housing value due to destruction from wildfires.”

CNBC “Apple will give $2.5 billion address the affordable housing crisis in Silicon Valley” (11-4-2019)

“Apple said Monday it will contribute $2.5 billion to try and alleviate California’s housing crisis, raising the bar for tech companies to commit to the communities in which they reside.”

Money “It’s Much Harder to Buy a House Nowadays Because Boomers Refuse to Move” (11-4-2019)

“The design firm behind Downtown LA’s The Bloc plans to build an affordable housing project in Watts that will use stacked shipping containers.”


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