Tiny Homes Homes Approved for Homeless Housing in San Jose

Today’s News Synopsis:

The Fed lifts interest rates, Millenials are moving into specific cities, challenging property tax hikes, and 10 mortgage predictions for 2018 in today’s news.

In The News:

MarketWatch –  “Fed lifts interest rates but sticks to go-slow approach as Yellen era nears end”  (12-13-2017)

The Federal Reserve increased US interest rates 0.25%. This marks the third time in 2017. While the economy continues to show signs of improving, inflation remain unchanged making many think the Fed will take a wait-and-see approach in the months ahead.

Business Insider – “MAPPED: Where millennials are buying homes — and for how much”  (12-13-2017)

“Millennial homeownership rates are essential to understanding the housing market because they facilitate additional home sales for other people.”

Realtor.com – “Can You Appeal a Property Tax Assessment? What to Do When You Think Your Bill Is Too High”  (12-13-2017)

The short answer is YES! Does it always work? No, but if your value comes in higher than expected you can challenge it.

NerdWallet – “10 Housing and Mortgage Trends to Watch for in 2018” (12-13-2017)

Home prices are expected to climb, more homes will be for sale by the end of 2018, homeowners will have equity to pull from, and other top mortgage predictions to think about heading into the new year.

BuilderOnline – “Otto Digital Lock Offers Security, Minimalist Design” (12-13-2017)

This wifi-enabled door lock was developed by engineers from Apple, Microsoft and GoPro. This is Otto’s first product release. This sleekly-designed digital lock taps into the growing home-tech market trend.

National Mortgage News – “Freddie Mac offering new type of tax-exempt multifamily security” (12-13-2017)

“Freddie Mac is broadening its capital markets vehicles with its first offering of multifamily participation certificate securities backed by tax-exempt loans.”

Mercury News – “Tiny homes for San Jose’s homeless wins approval after heated debate”

Tiny homes or micro sleeping cabins have cleared hurdles for housing the homeless in San Jose. Now the big question is where in the city they’ll place them?

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