The US Department of Homeland Security Issued Guidance To Identify Essential Industries to Critical Infrastructure

Today’s News Synopsis:

Real Estate declared essential business.  What kind of protections are applied to housing under the new stimulus bill?  What can you do if you have no money to pay the rent or mortgage?

In The News:

Redfin “What Stay at home and Shelter in Place Orders on Real Estate Services” (3-30-2020)

“In order to understand how shelter in place and stay at home orders are impacting the real estate industry across the country, the Redfin legal team has put together a resource that tracks state and metro area orders and what they mean for real estate.”

Inman “Housing protections in the stimulus bill explained” (3-30-2020)

“The 880-page bill signed into law by Trump on Friday includes credit protections, foreclosure moratoriums and forbearance on some mortgages.”

CNBC “Virtual, robot and solo home touring soar as social distancing hits the housing market amid coronavirus fear” (3-30-2020)

“While homebuyer demand has plummeted, there are still some out there who may need to move, and either purchase or rent a home. So, much like all interaction in the age of COVID-19, home touring is moving online, using robots and going solo.”

Inman “Feds Say Residential Real Estate Is An ‘Essential Business'” (3-30-2020)

“The US Department of Homeland Security issued guidance to identify essential industries to critical infrastructure. California and Washington are the latest states to deem the profession essential.”

Washington Post “No money for rent or mortgage? Here’s what to do” (3-30-2020)

“Maybe this time things will be different.  In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, many homeowners complained about the assistance — or lack thereof — from their lenders. Some got help right away. Others had to fight for relief.”


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