The Norris Group’s Bruce Norris to speak at MBA’s first Single-Family Rental Finance Summit

Bruce Norris, The Norris Group

ARLINGTON, Va. — The changing single-family rental market is a hot topic that’s grabbed the attention of Wall Street as the rental market evolves in the wake of the nation’s housing crisis.

Bruce Norris, president of The Norris Group, will serve as a panelist at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Single-Family Rental Finance Summit 2014, the first MBA conference of this type. The summit is set for April 22 in Arlington, Va.

Norris will speak on a panel titled “LENDERS: Financing options — What’s Available to Owners/Aggregators of Single-Family Rentals?” Panelists will provide a run-down of the products currently available to investors and where they are seeing interest.

Norris will join Rick Sharga, executive vice president of, and Paul E. Sveen, managing partner of Pantelan Real Estate Services, on the panel.

He predicts a lively discussion.

“In our panel there will be some discussion on where the single-family rental inventory is going to come from in the future,” Norris said, “and I think we will probably disagree on where that will come from.”

Norris has been an investor in residential properties for more than 30 years. His company, The Norris Group of Riverside, Calif., is known for having a pulse on what’s happening in the California residential real estate market and also invests in the housing market. In 2005, the firm wrote a report titled “The California Crash,” that predicted the large home price declines and sharp rises in foreclosures that hit the Golden State about three years later.

The Norris Group finances single-family purchases for small real estate investors — those buying properties one at a time to renovate and flip, hold as rentals, or those building new properties.

The MBA summit will to bring together owners, lenders, investors, government officials and others, with the goal of ensuring the evolving single-family rental market gets the attention it deserves.

Attendees will learn about the history of the single-family market with CEO perspectives. Topics will include future inventory and where it will come from; financing options; government policies; and the future of institutional participation.

For more information about The Norris Group, visit Reporters seeking interviews with Bruce Norris before or after the event should contact Aaron Norris at (951) 780-5856. For more information on registration and the event, see the Mortgage Bankers Association events section.

About Bruce Norris

Bruce Norris is an active investor, hard money lender, and real estate educator with more than 30 years experience. Bruce has been involved in over 2,000 real estate transactions as a buyer, seller, builder and money partner.

About the MBA

The Mortgage Bankers Association represents the real estate finance industry. It strives to balance the interests of diverse stakeholders, from Main Street to Wall Street, spanning all aspects of real estate finance, including commercial, multifamily and residential.  For more information, visit




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