The Norris Group Real Estate News Roundup 9/24/10

Today’s News Synopsis:

Attorney General Brown is interfering with Ally Financial’s mass foreclosure operation, and may force the company to cease all foreclosure activity in California. Multiple government agencies have put out statistics on home sales. Freddie Mac’s total mortgage portfolio decreased 5.2% last month. Thirty-day delinquent inventory fell to 9.22%, according to LPS. S&P predicts the current level of shadow inventory will take 40 months to clear.

In The News:

Mortgage Bankers Association“MBA Testifies on Potential Revisions to The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)” (9-24-10)

“One issue the Fed must keep in mind in determining what data elements to collect is that HMDA requirements should not turn into a safe harbor of allowable credit variables to be considered when making a loan. Freezing credit models into an official sanctioned set of variables would have a deleterious impact on credit availability going forward, limiting the growth of lenders who believe they have a better idea of how to do things. For example, over the years some lenders have come to believe that credit scores are not as important as the number of times a potential borrower has been late with housing-related payments. Some lenders now will simply refuse to make a loan to a borrower who has walked away from a previous mortgage, or appears to be positioning himself or herself for such behavior.”

Office of the Attorney General – “Brown Directs Nation’s Fourth Largest Home Lender to Suspend Foreclosures Until It Proves It Is Complying with the Law” (9-24-10)

“Recent reports indicated that the head of Ally Financial’s document processing team testified he routinely approved and signed foreclosure documents without confirming they were accurate and legally sufficient, as he was required to do. This admitted misconduct raises serious doubts about whether Ally Financial’s practices provide California borrowers facing foreclosure the protections guaranteed by law. Accordingly, Brown is demanding that Ally Financial, the fourth largest home loan institution in the country, demonstrate its compliance with California law or else halt all foreclosure operations in the state. Ally Financial earlier this week suspended evictions of homeowners and foreclosure sales in 23 states”

Mortgage Bankers Association “MBA Applauds House Passage of National Flood Insurance Program Extension” (9-24-10)

“The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) applauded yesterday’s passage of legislation by the House that will extend the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through September 30, 2011. The bill passed the Senate Tuesday and will now go to the President for his signature. Without agreement on an extension, the program was set to expire on September 30, 2010.”

CNN “No mortgage mods for many of the jobless” (9-24-10)

“Unemployed homeowners cannot count jobless benefits as income when applying for mortgage modifications if they have loans backed by Fannie Mae. That could greatly limit their ability to get a long-term reduction in their monthly payments.”

Los Angeles Times – “New home sales remain at record low in August” (9-24-10)

“New single-family dwellings sold at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 288,000 units, according to the Commerce Department. That estimate was flat compared with July’s pace, which remained a record low even after being revised up. The August pace was a 28.9% decline from the same month a year earlier.”

Housing Wire“Census Bureau: August single-family sales fall 28.9% from year earlier” (9-24-10)

“Sales of new single-family homes in August fell 28.9% from a year earlier, according to the Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Census Bureau said the seasonally adjusted rate of homes sales in August was 288,000, flat with July’s revised rate and well below the 405,000 a year ago. These federal figures are based on pending contracts of home sales.”

Housing Wire“Freddie Mac mortgage portfolio continues four-month decline” (9-24-10)

“The Freddie Mac (FRE: 0.00 N/A) total mortgage portfolio decreased at an annualized rate of 5.2% in August after a 3.9% drop in June. The portfolio hasn’t seen an increase since April. Mortgage purchases and issuance at the government-sponsored enterprise reached $29.1 billion in August, up from $28.4 billion in July and down 39% from last year. The year-to-date total has reached $236.5 billion.”

Housing Wire“August delinquency inventory falls on highest foreclosure starts since January: LPS” (9-24-10)

“LPS reported 282,528 foreclosure starts last month, up 1% from July and 3.8% higher than the year earlier. The year-to-date foreclosure rate is now 20.4% higher than 2009. Thirty-day delinquent inventory fell to 9.22%, the lowest level in over a year. The percentage was 9.3% in July and 9.7% a year ago. The inventory of 90-day delinquent loans decreased to 8.22%, down from 8.3% in July. The percentage was 8% a year earlier.”

Housing Wire“$460 billion shadow inventory will take 40 months to clear: S&P” (9-24-10)

“The high pace of residential mortgage defaults has flooded the shadow inventory market with $460 billion in outstanding principal balance, according to Standard & Poor’s second-quarter report on housing liquidation timelines.”

Housing Wire“JPMorgan to offer $1.1 billion CMBS” (9-24-10)

“JPMorgan is coming to market with $1.1 billion in commercial mortgage-backed securities notes across 13 classes, according to a pre-sale report from Fitch Ratings.”

Housing Wire“August new home sales scrape bottom, remain flat month-over-month: NAFCU” (9-24-10)

“New homes sales remained flat month-over-month in August at 288,000 annualized units, according to a report released today by the National Association of Federal Credit Unions. Sales are scraping bottom at 28.9% less than one year ago and barely above the record low of 282,000 units in May.”

Housing Wire“HFA delinquency rate hits record high in S&P report” (9-24-10)

“Delinquencies for housing finance agency loans increased 0.62% in the second quarter to 6.67%, according to a Standard & Poor’s report released today. This is the highest percentage the firm has seen since it started tracking such data in Q2 2006 and up 1.37% from Q209.”

Housing Wire“White-collar criminals and unemployment income cut from HAMP eligibilty” (9-24-10)

“New guidelines from Fannie Mae and the Treasury Department out this week are restricting the eligible income of borrowers considered for the Home Affordable Modification Program. The mandates will also disqualify criminals convicted of certain white-collar offenses.”

Looking Back:

One year ago, research from the Construction Industry Research Board showed the number of home building permits taken in August was down 5 percent from July. The NAR reported that existing home sales decreased by 2.7 percent from July to August. A study showed that foreclosure prevention laws in California failed to significantly help home owners. The Federal Reserve intended to continue its stimulus plan and would continue to buy mortgage securities.

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