The Norris Group Real Estate News Roundup 3/10/11

Today’s News Synopsis:

RealtyTrac reports foreclosure notices decreased 14% in January. The House of Representatives voted to end FHA’s Short Refi program. According to a Zillow survey, 51% of Americans said the housing crisis has not affected their overall willingness to buy a home. The U.S. government posted the largest monthly deficit ever last month.

In The News:

USA Today“Foreclosure activity slows sharply in February” (3-10-11)

“Some 255,101 properties received at least one foreclosure-related notice in February, down 14% from January and down 27% from the same month last year, foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac said Thursday.”

NAHB “Optimistic Outlook for Multifamily Development, NAHB Indices Show” (3-10-11)

“The Multifamily Production Index (MPI), which tracks developer sentiment about new construction on a scale of 1 to 100, is at 40.8 –up more than 5 full points since the previous quarter and the highest number since the fourth quarter of 2006. The MPI component tracking developers’ perception of market-rate rental properties is at 51.7 – the first time this component of the index has been above 50 since the second quarter of 2007.”

Mercury News“Mortgage rates: Average on 30-year fixed loans ticks up to 4.88 percent” (3-10-11)

“Freddie Mac says the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage ticked up to 4.88 percent from 4.87 percent the previous week. It hit a 40-year low of 4.17 percent in November.”

Housing Wire“House votes to end FHA Short Refi” (3-10-11)

“The House of Representatives voted Thursday to terminate the Federal Housing Administration’s Short Refi program. The House Financial Services Committee cleared the bill, H.R. 830, last week. The House voted 256 to 171 to kill the program.”

Housing Wire“Zillow accommodates growing pool of renters” (3-10-11)

“Although 51% of survey respondents said the housing crisis has not affected their overall willingness to buy a home, 33% said they would be more likely to rent their next home than buy. In January, 30% of Americans surveyed said they would rent a home the next time around.”

Housing Wire“Securitization investors plan increased activity in 2011: survey” (3-10-11)

“Principia said 70% of investors and issuers said they plan to increase involvement in the ABS markets over the next year, with 50% expecting to ramp up activity in the next six months.”

Housing Wire“Jobless claims rose 7% last week to 397,000” (3-10-11)

“Initial jobless claims rose 7% last week, moving away from the nearly three-year low of the prior week although remaining lower than 400,000 once again. The Labor Department said the seasonally adjusted figure of actual initial claims for the week ended March 5 increased by 26,000 to 397,000.”

Housing Wire“Mortgage modifications down 9% in January: Hope Now” (3-10-11)

“Mortgage servicers, investors and insurers participating in the Hope Now alliance completed 101,000 permanent modifications in January, down 9% from the month before. Of those that were completed, 73,000 were proprietary modifications, nearly three times the 27,957 done through the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program.”

Housing Wire“Two mortgage trade groups suing Fed over loan originator compensation” (3-10-11)

“The National Association of Independent Housing Professionals sued the Fed for its final rule on loan originator compensation and yield spread premium disclosure under Regulation Z. The NAIHP states the rule will put mortgage brokers ‘at a significant and a permanent competitive disadvantage and will stifle competition in the mortgage lending industry to the detriment of consumers.'”

Bloomberg “U.S. Posts a Record $222.5 Billion Monthly Budget Shortfall” (3-10-11)

“The U.S. government, facing a record annual fiscal shortfall and a congressional impasse over financing, posted the largest monthly deficit ever in February, reflecting increased spending. The gap totaled $222.5 billion last month compared with a $220.9 billion shortfall in February 2010, according to the Treasury Department”

Bloomberg “Home Remodeling to Rebound in U.S. as Rising Confidence Spurs Renovations” (3-10-11)

“Spending on remodeling probably will rise 9.2 percent to $125.1 billion in the first quarter from $114.6 billion a year earlier, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. A 13 percent increase forecast for April through June would be the largest jump in five years, a report by the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based center shows.”

Looking Back:

One year ago, the MBA reported that mortgage loan application volume had increased by 0.5 percent. The percent of first-time buyers increased to 47 percent in 2009. FHFA was sued over attempts to secure records of political contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. John Burns claimed that the real estate market was still in bad shape.

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