The Black and Yellow Buzzy Invaders Can Become Territorial

Today’s News Synopsis:

How to get rid of Wasps.  Home prices increased 3.4% year-over-year in June according to CoreLogic.  Job openings continue to remain high as of June.

In The News: “How to Get Rid of Wasps – and What to Do If You Find a Nest” (8-6-2019)

“You’re relaxing in your garden, sipping lemonade, when a few wasps decide to crash your party. Yikes!”

CoreLogic “CoreLogic Reports June Home Prices Increased by 3.4% Year Over Year” (8-6-2019)

“CoreLogic® (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today released the CoreLogic Home Price Index (HPI) and HPI Forecastfor June 2019, which shows home prices rose both year over year and month over month.”

Redfin “Luxury Housing Market Remains Chilly: Prices up Just 1% Amid Falling Sales and Surging Supply in the Second Quarter” (8-6-2019)

“The average sale price for luxury homes nationwide increased 1 percent year over year to $1.64 million in the second quarter of 2019.”

Zillow “Recessions Typically Have Limited Effect on the Housing Market” (8-6-2019)

“Other than the housing-led Great Recession of the late 2000s, home values have typically continued to grow through national and statewide recessions over the past quarter-century. This according to a new analysis by Zillow®.”

Forbes “The One Smart Piece Of Furniture Everyone Will Want” (8-6-2019)

“As houses and apartments get smaller, convenience and multifunctional furniture (and rooms for that matter) become more and more essential.”

Bloomberg – “Job Openings in the U.S. Remained Elevated in June” (8-6-2019)

“U.S. job openings were little changed in June at elevated levels, adding to signs that the labor market remains generally healthy.”

USA Today “Buying a home?  There’s a good chance you’ll deal with HOAs, so here’s what you should know” (8-6-2019)

“If you’re on a house hunt now, there’s a good chance you may end up finding your dream home within a community association.”

HousingWire “Americans want more affordable housing, just not in their neighborhoods” (8-6-2019)

“As housing affordability continues to be a national concern, several states have introduced zoning legislation that aims to tackle the issue by building more affordable, high-density housing.”


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Looking Back:

So you wanna be a home flipper.  Do you know/have what it takes?  Roads of the future will be made up of separate parts that can light up and be reconfigured.  The famous Brady Bunch house was just sold, and Lance Bass of N’Sync was none too happy about not getting it.


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