Sep 19, 2019

It’s Like The Real Estate Disruptor Dating Game Out There

Today’s News Synopsis: Zillow is partnering with builders.  The National Association of Realtors Reported existing-home sales increased by 1.3% in August.  Mortgage rates increased greatly this week with 30-year rates now at 3.73% and 15-year rates at 3.21%. In The News: Freddie Mac – “Mortgage Rates Jump” (9-19-2019) “Freddie Mac (OTCQB: FMCC)

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Jan 03, 2019

No. 1 Reason….Livability

Today’s News Synopsis: Homeowners love their DIY remodels says N.A.R. survey.  The Mortgage Bankers Association reported a 9.8% decrease in mortgage applications from last week.  Where are we at in terms of opportunity zones this year? In The News: Zillow – “California Captured One-Third of the National Housing Recovery” (1-3-2019) “The

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Nov 01, 2018

Short Answer; Housing Crisis

Today’s News Synopsis: Why do we have a 30-year mortgage rate?  Speaking of mortgage rates, mortgage rates decreased again, with 30-year rates now at 4.83% and 15-year rates at 4.23%.   According to the National Association of Realtors, home prices in metro markets increased by 4.8% in the third quarter. In

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Sep 27, 2018

How And Why It Matters

Today’s News Synopsis: Fed just raised interest rates again.  The National Association of Realtors reported a 1.8% increase in pending home sales in August.  Mortgage rates increased for the fifth week in a row with 30-year rates now at 4.72% and 15-year rates at 4.16%. In The News: National Association

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Aug 02, 2018

Slow Sales and Dropping Mortgage Applications Have Some Saying Yes

Today’s News Synopsis: Is the housing market starting to cool off?  The NAHB’s 55+ Housing Market Index showed increased confidence in that segment of the market, which increased to 67.  Freddie Mac reported mortgage rates increased again with 30-year rates now at 4.6% and 15-year rates at 4.08%. In The

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Jul 26, 2018

California’s is Finger Licking….Bad!

Today’s News Synopsis: What is the ugliest building in every state?  The median home price for single-family homes and condos was $255,000 in the second quarter, up 6.3% from last year.  According to Zillow, half the homes in the U.S. are more valuable now than they were at their most

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Jul 19, 2018

Study Found 68% Of Them Have Buyer’s Remorse

Today’s News Synopsis: Millennials aren’t exactly jumping for joy after buying their homes.  Mortgage rates remained relatively the same with 30-year rates 4.52% and 15-year rates at 4%.  A big problem a lot of American homeowners still seem to have is being uninsured. In The News: ATTOM Data Solutions – “Housing

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Jul 05, 2018

How Can You Add the Most Value In Your Bathroom Redesign?

Today’s News Synopsis: What details should you include in your bathroom to make it one of the trendiest for this year?  Mortgage rates continue to show signs of decline with 30-year rates now at 4.52% and 15-year rates at 3.99%.  Over 1/3 of the millionaires in China are leaving, and

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Jun 21, 2018

Rising Mortgage Rates Chipping Away Affordability

Today’s News Synopsis: Mortgage payments require largest share of income since 2009.  ATTOM Data Solutions released their latest data on home prices, which showed they are now at their least affordable level since the third quarter of 2008.  According to Freddie Mac, mortgage rates decreased again, putting 30-year rates at

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Jun 14, 2018

What Causes Equity Gains?

Today’s News Synopsis: A Trillion dollars’ worth of equity.  May saw a hot housing market with home prices increasing by 6.3%.  Mortgage rates are increasing once again with 30-year rates now at 4.62% and 15-year rates at 4.07%. In The News: ATTOM Data Solutions – “Home Equity Lines of Credit Increase

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