Nov 21, 2019

Aaron Norris: Innovative Real Estate Marketing with Pasadena FIBI

The days of marketing to the masses are over. Newspapers, mailers, and old-style media marketing are out, and social media, pay-per-click and search engine optimization are in!! Or, are they? Do it wrong, and waste a ton of time and cash. Capturing the interest – and deals – of your

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Apr 18, 2019

10 Decisions to Make Before the Next Downturn with Pasadena FIBI

Bruce Norris, long-time investor, builder, and hard money lender is actively warning California real estate investors it’s time to start planning. Join us as Bruce shares ten decisions California real estate investors need to consider before the music stops. Expect to learn: How to spot key warning signs Why Bruce

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Nov 10, 2018

Intelligent Investors Real Estate Conference 2018

On Saturday and Sunday, November 10 and 11, Aaron Norris will join other experts in the real estate industry to discuss ways you can grow your real estate portfolios within today’s investing landscape.  Hosted by FIBI and Cash Flow Connections, this event will offer guests a chance to hear from

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Apr 19, 2018

Stay Put or Cash Out? With Pasadena FIBI

If you’ve followed Bruce Norris over the years, you know “Timing” is the most important word in real estate investing. California real estate investors have made incredible financial gains over the past six years. But, Bruce says we are nearing the end of a boom cycle in California. If that

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