Oct 17, 2018

Which One Are Developers Banking On?

Today’s News Synopsis: Home Sharing vs Airbnb?  The latest Mortgage Applications Survey from the MBA showed mortgage applications decreased 7.1% from last week.  More and more people are choosing to rent as they are finding it more affordable. In The News: NAHB – “Multifamily Decline Pushes Overall Housing Starts Down in

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Aug 29, 2018

ATTOM DATA SOLUTIONS Tells You How Housing Will Hold Up

Today’s News Synopsis: Recessions fears rising.  The National Association of Realtors reported a 0.7% decrease in pending home sales for July.  There are 4 specific “improvements” you could make to your home that surprisingly don’t add any value.  What could they be? In The News: National Association of Realtors – “Pending

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Aug 09, 2018

Equities, Housing, Treasury Bills or Bonds?

Today’s News Synopsis: What’s the best investment over the last 150 years?  In the second quarter of 2018, 1 in 10 properties was seriously underwater.  Mortgage rates decreased only slightly with 30-year rates now at 4.59% and 15-year at 4.05%. In The News: Zillow – “The U.S. Will Gain 23 New

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Jul 18, 2018

Never Going to Happen But Kind of Fun to Think About. Probably Never?

Today’s News Synopsis: How California stacks up split into 3 states.  HUD and the Commerce Department reported housing starts decreased 12.3%.  Zillow plans on expanding the buy and sell business to Atlanta. In The News: ATTOM Data Solutions – “How California Housing Stacks Split Into Three States” (7-18-2018) “ATTOM Data Solutions,

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Jul 12, 2018

More and More Evidence Says No

Today’s News Synopsis: Is saving 20% for a down payment realistic?  In the first half of 2018, foreclosure filings were down 15% from last year at 363,275 properties.  New home purchase mortgage applications decreased 8.8% year over year. In The News: Washington Post – “More evidence of why trying to save

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Jul 11, 2018

Keep It Real, Not Reality

Today’s News Synopsis: What reality TV doesn’t tell you about flipping houses.  The Mortgage Bankers Association reported a 2.5% increase in mortgage applications from last week.  Realtor.com offered buyers a list of scenarios to decide whether it is better to stay and renovate your home or move to a new

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Jul 10, 2018

When and How Much Should You Water Your Lawn?

Today’s News Synopsis: Wondering about your lawn with all this heat?  Foreclosure rates were lower as a result of both an improved economy and underwriting.  The amount of mortgage credit available increased 0.2% to 181 last month. In The News: Bloomberg – “Competition Was a Culprit in the Housing Bust” (7-10-2018)

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Jun 20, 2018

Buyers Will Be Able To Absorb the Rate Increases Because of Higher Wages

Today’s News Synopsis: Apparently there no need to fear rate hikes.  The National Association of Realtors reported a slight decrease in existing home sales last month by 0.4%.  What color should your front door be painted to up its selling price by over $6,000. In The News: Inman – “Is it

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May 30, 2018

Likely.AI and ATTOM Data Teaming Up To Predict the Future of Your House

Today’s News Synopsis: Predicting intent in real estate with data powered Artificial Intelligence.  Realtor.com’s latest list shows the top 5 easy ways you can use your room for dual purposes.  According to Zillow, the number of homeowners underwater on their mortgages in less than 10%. In The News: Realtor.com – “Short

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May 23, 2018

Find Out What B2R Means

Today’s News Synopsis: There’s a new trend in the single-family rental market.  The Mortgage Bankers Association reported mortgage applications decreased 2.6%, while at the same time rates increased.  New home sales decreased 1.5% according to HUD and the Census Bureau. In The News: Mortgage Bankers Association – “Mortgage Rates Increase, Applications

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