Oct 09, 2019

Good Luck Getting A Reservation!

Today’s News Synopsis: Airbnb the Goodyear Blimp.  What’s the new in color for design?  Mortgage applications increased 5.2% from last week according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. In The News: Realtor.com – “3 Fast Fixes for the Home Features Millennial Buyers Hate” (10-9-2019) “When it comes to selling a house, you

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Oct 02, 2019

Zillow, Redfin, Opendoor…..Amazon?

Today’s News Synopsis: Who will be the Amazon of housing?  The Mortgage Bankers Association reported mortgage applications increased 8.1% from last week.  More millennials are refinancing with the number being at a four-year high. In The News: Mortgage Bankers Association – “Mortgage Applications Increase in Latest MBA Weekly Survey” (10-2-2019) “Mortgage

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Sep 25, 2019

iBuyer Beware!

Today’s News Synopsis: Bernie Sanders housing plan would not be good for iBuyers.  The NAHB reported new homes sales increased by 7.1% in August, a healthy gain.  Mortgage applications, meanwhile, decreased 10.1% from last week. In The News: NAHB – “New Home Sales Post Solid Gains in August” (9-25-2019) “Sales of

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Sep 18, 2019

A Painting For a Tax Break?

Today’s News Synopsis: Affluent art collectors may have an opportunity at a tax break thanks to opportunity zones.  Housing starts showed a healthy increase in August at 12.3%.  Mortgage applications remained relatively the same, having decreased by only 0.1%. In The News: NAHB – “Housing Starts Post Healthy Gains in August”

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Sep 04, 2019

What About That Home Makes You Tick?

Today’s News Synopsis: Realtor.com listed 11 quirks that can prevent you from selling your home?  The Mortgage Bankers Association reported a 3.1% decrease in mortgage applications from last week.  Building permits in California decreased 10% last month to their lowest since the recession. In The News: Mortgage Bankers Association – “Mortgage

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Aug 28, 2019

Everyone Has Their Crystal Ball Out

Today’s News Synopsis: Homebuyers are expecting a recession by 2022?  The Mortgage Bankers Association reported mortgage applications decreased 6.2% from last week in their latest Mortgage Applications Survey.  Pending a shift in the market, will iBuyers be ready? In The News: HousingWire – “What does an inverted yield curve really mean

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Aug 21, 2019

Why Are Homeowners With A Mortage Low and Mortgage Debt High?

Today’s News Synopsis: Mortgage debt is at a historical high, while the number of homeowners with a mortgage is at its lowest in 14 years.  The National Association of Realtors reported existing-home sales increased by 2.5% in July.  Mortgage applications, meanwhile, decreased 0.9% from last week. In The News: Realtor.com –

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Aug 14, 2019

Condo Owners – Your Financing Just Got Easier

Today’s News Synopsis: The FHFA just announced changes to its condominium rules to make it easier for owners to finance, news they have been waiting to hear for a long time.  Mortgage debt is at a record-high, even higher than its peak back in 2008.  The Mortgage Bankers Association reported

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Aug 07, 2019

Is This Another Bad Sign For The Housing Market?

Today’s News Synopsis: Remodeling spending is expected to be slow.  Mortgage applications increased by 5.3% from last week according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.  Home prices in the metropolitan areas increased by 9.1% in the second quarter. In The News: Redfin – “11% of Redfin Offers Faced Competition in July, the

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Jul 24, 2019

For Better Or For Worse

Today’s News Synopsis: When buying real estate, it might be best to expect the worst.  HUD and the Commerce Department reported new home sales bounced back in June by 7%, coming in at 646,000.  Mortgage applications decreased for the fourth week in a row, coming in at 1.9%. In The

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