2015: Proceed With Caution! by Bruce Norris

Bruce Norris Shares Latest California Real Estate Trends and Predictions: Is It Time to Exit California Real Estate?

Despite record low interest rates, historically low inventory levels, and high affordability, the California real estate market in 2014 was just, meh. On January 31 at the all-day event, “2015: Proceed With Caution!,” Bruce Norris will share with real estate professionals his predictions, research, and his blockbuster decision: Does he plan to move some of his real estate “chips” outside of California in 2015.

California Forecast 2013: More of the same save the black swan by Sean O’Toole

In 2012, we saw the continuation of a housing recovery in California, with solid sales volumes and price increases throughout much of the state.  More importantly, short sales, loan modifications, price increases and even foreclosures helped many get our of being underwater on their homes.  Many would say this recovery is artificial.  And, while there …

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Sean O'Toole with PropertyRadar

Sean O’Toole with PropertyRadar #272

This week Bruce Norris is joined by Sean O’Toole, founder and CEO of Prior to launching ForeclosureRadar, Sean successfully purchased and flipped more than 150 residential and commercial foreclosures. He leveraged 15 years in the software industry. Sean used technology as a key competitive advantage to build his successful real estate investment track record. …

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Poor Federal Implementation Has Made Real Estate Appraisals More Costly While Forcing Experienced Professionals Out Of The Appraisal Business

Sara W. Stephens, the 2011 president-elect of the Appraisal Institute, will join real estate analyst Bruce Norris on a panel of experts who will meet Oct. 14th at the Nixon Presidential Library to discuss the effects of current and proposed legislation and solutions to the nation’s real estate crisis

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