The Norris Group Real Estate News Roundup 8/2/10

Alan Greenspan expressed concern that a decrease in home prices might cause the U.S. to slip back into recession. The Census Bureau estimates the homeownership rate will fall to 62% in 2012. Moody’s reports strategic delinquencies are falling on jumbo mortgages. Construction spending remained relatively flat with just a 0.1 percent increase last month.

The Norris Group Real Estate News Roundup 7/27/10

The S&P home price index suggests that prices increased by 1.3 percent from April to May. 91 of the top 100 homebuying zip codes are in California. The vacancy rate for rental housing has remained flat at 10.6 percent for the past year. MPF Research reports the number of occupied apartments grew by 215,000 in the 64 largest U.S. markets in the first half of 2010.

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