Christopher Thornberg of Beacon Economics #44

In this second interview, Christopher Thornberg and Bruce Norris discuss how builders are adjusting to the new California real estate reality, how builders are notoriously optimistic, why builders continue to build, inflation pressure and why it’s hard to predict, consumer spending, when the subprime peak will occur, possible policy changes and the presidential elections, how property taxes will cause problems for cities around the nation, employment, out migration, and the commercial market.

Christopher Thornberg of Beacon Economics #43

Christopher Thornberg is back with Bruce Norris discussing recent CEOs being fired or leaving financial firms, past bubbles vs. current real estate bubble, bond ratings, affordability issues in real estate, Super SIV fund, how real estate will change consumer spending, how foreclosures will effect prices, foreclosures in some of the most respected and stable financial institutions, possible bank solutions, what rental markets will do in the coming years, and why banks will have a hard time if they set bad precedents.

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