Real estate investing and hard money in a down market #150

Bruce speaks with Craig Hill again regarding hard money loans and trust deed investments at the Norris Group. This week Craig discusses preferred characteristics for a hard money borrower. With over 20 years in the hard money business, Craig has important discernment skills that protects our money sources. The Norris Group only loans in California so The Norris Group offers local insights and prides itself on an excellent track record. Bruce and Craig discuss why The Norris Group does not offer pooled (also known as fractionalized) trust deed investment and why they prefer their one-on-one method and the risk-saving features it offers. Bruce Norris and Craig Hill also discuss the new long term hard money program currently available.

Craig Hill with The Norris Group #149

This week Bruce Norris is joined by Craig Hill. Craig Hill is The Norris Group’s hard money loan officer and California trust deed investments manager. Bruce and Craig talk about things going on in the current market, how they started working together, and the mind set of current investors in the market place.

The Norris Group Real Estate News Roundup 10/1/09

The NAR’s Pending Home Sales Index shows that sales increased by 6.4 percent in August. Research from Deutsche Bank Securities shows that 26 percent of borrowers owe more than their home is worth. A $250,000, four-bedroom, 1700 square feet, three-bathroom house in Los Angeles made the nation’s list of most searched for homes. A survey shows that realtors are in favor of expanding the $8,000 dollar tax credit. Regulation Z changes are now in effect. FHA first-time borrowers may see hike in down payment requirements according to new legislation introduced. Realtors are also interested in expanding first-time tax credit to repeat buyers. Does that mean investors? One could only be so hopeful.

Christopher Thornberg of Beacon Economics #133

This week Bruce is joined by Christopher Thornberg. Christopher is an expert in the study of regional economies, real estate dynamics, and business forecasting. In 2006, he confounded Beacon Economics which is economic research and consulting firm that specializes in real estate markets, local economic development, and public and private policy issues.

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