Rentals? Flips? REITS? Crowdfunding? Good Old Home Appreciation?

Real Estate riches

Today’s News Synopsis:

What is the best way to get real estate riches? Rentals? Flips? REITS? Crowdfunding? Good Old Home Appreciation?  Home buyer and seller sentiment increased despite existing-home sales showing a decline.  Black Knight Financial Services Home Price Index shows prices increased 0.3% in July and 6.2% month-over-month.

In The News:

National Association of Realtors – “HOME Survey: Economic and Financial Outlook, Attitudes About Home Buying and Selling on the Rise” (9-25-2017)

“Existing-homes sales have retreated in four of the past five months, but new survey findings from the National Association of Realtors® indicate it is not because of a lack of confidence from consumers about buying and selling a home, or based on their views about the direction of the economy and their finances.”

Black Knight Financial Services – “Black Knight Home Price Index Report: July 2017 Transactions” (9-25-2017)

“Today, the Data and Analytics division of Black Knight Financial Services, Inc. (NYSE: BKFS) released its latest Home Price Index (HPI) report, based on July 2017 residential real estate transactions.”

Bloomberg – “JPMorgan Says Fed’s Triple Play Makes Shorting Notes Dangerous” (9-25-2017)

“History has a way of repeating itself in the U.S. Treasury market in the weeks surrounding quarterly Federal Open Market Committee meetings that include a press conference and an update to officials’ rate and economic projections.” – “Flip, Rent, or Hold: What’s the Best Path to Real Estate Riches?” (9-25-2017)

“Maybe you’re addicted to those home-flipping shows on HGTV where glam couples buy grim shacks, spend 22 minutes smashing down walls and adding funky kitchen backsplashes, and then make tens of thousands selling the refurbished places on the open market.”

Fannie Mae – “As Market Pressures Mount, Lenders Continue to Ease Mortgage Credit Standards” (9-25-2017)

“Facing constrained mortgage demand and a negative profit margin outlook, more lenders say they have eased rather than tightened home mortgage credit standards, according to Fannie Mae’s third quarter 2017 Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey.”

HousingWire – “Watchdog: Ginnie Mae wasn’t ready for nonbank mortgage lending boom” (9-25-2017)

“As readers of HousingWire are likely well aware, over the last few years, there’s been a shift in the mortgage business, with nonbanks significantly increasing their share of mortgage originations as the big banks dialed back in the wake of the financial crisis.”

Business Insider – “A pair of investing startups are in a public spat about the future of real-estate investing” (9-25-2017)

“Silicon Valley and Wall Street are crowded with startups promising small investors better returns and new ways to access markets like real-estate.”

MarketWatch – “Down payments cast a big shadow, real and imagined, over home buyers” (9-25-2017)

“Saving for a down payment remains one of the toughest nuts for would-be home buyers to crack, but many Americans may be making that hurdle even higher than it really is, according to survey data.”


Bruce Norris presents his latest talk 10 Life-Changing Days of a Real Estate Investor with SF Bay Summit on Saturday, October 7.

Aaron Norris will be presenting Technology Trends and Real Estate with the California Escrow Association up in San Jose on Friday, October 13.

Bruce Norris presents his California Market Update with Chino Valley Real Estate Professionals on Friday, October 13.

Looking Back:

HUD and the Census Bureau reported new home sales decreased 7.6% in August but continued to remain strong at 609,000.  Delinquencies also declined 9 basis points, but as well they were still high compared to the early part of the millennium.  In a surprising story, a property that could be bought for $175 million was very different on the East Coast compared to the West Coast.


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