Michael Delacruz, Dennis Battung, and Michael Randall

Dossier Capital

They are a team of solutions-focused, Real Estate entrepreneurs. Their model is simple: redevelop the neglected houses of our Los Angeles neighborhoods while focusing on value creation in both design and financial investment.

Each one on the Dossier Capital team grew up in the eclectic neighborhoods of LA, and they know first hand how the strength of their communities was rooted in the homes they lived in. Every household had its own heartbeat, character, and stories to tell.

In the aftermath of the 2008 housing crash, we quickly witnessed the abandonment of these homes, the decline in our community’s spirit and the shift we had to make in Real Estate investing. With over 30+ years of experience in various corporate and entrepreneurial ventures, we decided to form Dossier Capital. The goal of our company was (and still is) to combine our passion for finding creative business solutions with our experience in the Real Estate industry. Our vision is to be a reviver of underutilized spaces with our eye on design, our mind on wealth creation, and our hearts on the people we love most.

Michael DelaCruz is a strategist and contrarian at heart and uses creativity and innovation to find the best possible method to improve every area of their business.  He believes in a company culture where their personal values and mission statement are consistent.


Dennis Battung is big on building relationships with the customers, which has helped their business grow.  He also loves educating people about the business and helping others grow.



Michael Randall works on the financial and data side of the business.  He uses his knowledge in these areas to encourage productivity and profitability as well as helping others grow personally and professionally.



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