M. Lance Coyle

M. Lance Coyle

M. Lance Coyle

M. Lance Coyle serves as the 2015 president of the Appraisal Industry and will be serving as the immediate past president in 2016.  In addition, he served this year as chair of the organization’s executive committee and chairs its policy-setting board of directors.

Mr. Coyle is a graduate of Texas Christian University in Forth Worth, Dallas and has been involved in the appraisal industry for 30 years.  Other areas where he has applied his knowledge of the field include the North Texas Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, where he served as president, the Region VIII Committee, the national Board of Directors, and as chair of Region VIII, the Appraisal Institute’s Education Committee, and the Finance Committee in 2013.

In addition to serving as the president of the Appraisal Institute, Mr. Coyle also has his own business, Coyle Realty Advisors, of which he is principal.  The focus of this company is the valuation of investment property, analysis and research, counseling, and witness testimony.  The cases in which he primarily works are real estate litigation and eminent domain, a subject he has spoken on in many lectures.

He has also applied his expertise fo the field in reviewing two books on appraisals.  These included “Market Analysis for Real Estate” and “Real Estate Damages.”  In addition, he helped set up a course that focused on Advanced Concepts.

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