Iris Veneracion

Director of InvestClub

Iris Veneracion is the Director and Founder of InvestClub for Women, a fabulous real estate community in Southern California..

She began her full time real estate investing career in 2003 when she quit her 6-figure corporate job in mortgage finance. She has managed a real estate portfolio of over 40 properties out of state and has since purchased, wholesaled and/or rehabbed and sold over 200 properties in Southern California.   In 2008-9, she took note of the growing opportunity in Southern California due to the market crash, so she began liquidating her portfolio out of state and parlaying her investments to long term holds locally.

Today, she focuses all her investments, time and energy in the Southern California market. She loves to fix and flip (just like the TV shows) and has also found the perfect balance in rentals. She is very happy she no longer has to get on a plane to visit a property she owns.  In the last few years, Iris has been taking advantage of an innovative market technique using Airbnb, a vacation rental website, and has found a sweet spot on how to double and sometimes triple your market rents in less than a month.

Iris believes in the “Power of Partnerships”, relies on the resources of great relationships and stands behind the benefits of being part of an active real estate community. Although not all her investments have been perfect – she’s experienced painful setbacks as well as  “homeruns” – she’ll be the first to share her lessons so others do not have to go through the same.  She treats real estate investing as a business and understands that best way to learn is by taking action. She is the proud creator of “The 60-Day Challenge” – a unique hands-on, butt kicking real estate “extreme” experience and enjoys being the director of the dynamic group at InvestClub.

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