Buddy Rushing

Buddy began White Feather Investing in early 2007 in Twentynine Palms, California. His ultimate goal is to build a passive income stream through residential and commercial properties that can ensure our financial freedom for our family and help as many fellow militaries as we can along the way.

Since the launch Buddy was pulled away on multiple month-long training exercises and four trips to Afghanistan! Despite those difficulties, WFI has purchased Single Family rentals, wholesaled, flipped, invested in Trust Deeds, executed Joint Ventures, constructed Roth IRA acquisitions, executed BRRR deals, and Short Term Rentals, purchased an apartment complex, and even launched an RV and Solar business!

He also launched a WFI Investor club and an online Real Estate Investment Accelerator that is focused on helping educate and empower military members to achieve financial freedom through Real Estate investing, which has allowed us to open new Turnkey Rental operations in Memphis, Little Rock, St Louis, Milan, Columbus, Chicago, California, Florida and Alabama and we are moving into Mississippi and North Carolina!

His most recent endeavors have definitely been a challenge but our primary goal remains the same: To help our nation’s heroes build financial freedom so they can live the American Dream they fight to protect.


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