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Today’s News Synopsis:

Top 10 upgrades Millennial buyers want.  Home prices gains were lower again in June, down to 3.1%.  Nearly half the income that teacher make is going towards their rent.

In The News:

Forbes “Home Price Gains Slide Again In June To 3.1%: Is This The New Normal?” (8-27-2019)

“Although homeowners aren’t seeing their property values skyrocket like they were in recent years past, home prices appear to be settling into a more sustainable growth pattern that’s better aligned with wages and gives buyers more purchasing power.”

NAHB “Home Construction Slowing in Manufacturing Areas” (8-27-2019)

“In a possible sign of economic softening in the industrial heartland, home construction in the nation’s major manufacturing areas registered declines on a year-over-year basis in the second quarter of 2019, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Home Building Geography Index (HBGI).”

Curbed “Do falling RV shipments signal a recession?” (8-27-2019)

“The recreational vehicle (RV) industry has enjoyed exponential growth since the financial crisis in 2008. Buoyed by the broader economic recovery and a growing interest among millennials in the van life movement, total RV shipments grew by 204 percent from 2009 to 2017.”

Zillow – “New Teachers Spend Nearly Half Their Income on Rent” (8-27-2019)

“Entry-level teachers will need to spend more than half of their salaries on the typical rent in 19 of the 50 largest U.S. metro areas this school year, according to a new Zillow® analysis.”

HousingWire “Real estate startup ZeroDown secures $100 million to buy San Francisco homes for its customers” (8-27-2019)

“Real estate startup ZeroDown, which launched earlier this year, boasts a unique business model.”

DS News “Employment’s Correlation with Housing” (8-27-2019)

“Employment is just one of many factors that impact home prices, and a recent paper from Collateral Analytics examines how housing prices are driven by employment levels long-term.”

National Association of Realtors “REALTORS’ Role in the Digital Age” (8-27-2019)

“In 2001 8% of all home buyers originally found their home on the internet, 7% found their home through print newspaper advertisements, and 15% found their home through either a yard sign or an open house sign.”

Forbes “This Top Real Estate Agent Says ‘Wellness’ Homes Will Help People Live Longer” (8-27-2019)

“According to the Global Wellness Institute, the international wellness market is worth $4.2 trillion (more than half of the world’s total health spending), having grown 12.8% between 2015 and 2017 alone.” “10 Home Upgrades That Attract Millennial Buyers” (8-27-2019)

“Think millennials aren’t in the market to buy a home? On the contrary, by early 2019, millennials represented 42% of all new home loans.”


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Looking Back:

What room was most important when it came to Millennials?  The number of starter homes that were affordable were at their lowest in ten years.  What were the top ten cities close to a housing crisis?


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