Married With Roommates

Today’s News Synopsis:

Roommates and married couples living together have doubled since 1995.  According to Zillow, the homes a lot more people are wanting are those in luxury neighborhoods.  Home prices in metropolitan areas increased by 4% in the fourth quarter of 2018.

In The News:

National Association of Realtors “Metro Home Prices Jump 4 Percent in 2018’s Fourth Quarter” (2-12-2019)

“Inventory increased and metro market prices rose at a slower pace in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to the latest quarterly report by the
National Association of Realtors.”

MarketWatch – “The number of married couples living with roommates has doubled since 1995” (2-12-2019)

“West Coast real estate is now so expensive that married couples are moving in with multiple roommates.” “Sun, Surf, and…Sadness?  2019’s Worst Cities to Live Are Not Where You’d Expect” (2-12-2019)

“California and Hawaii are often billed as sunny, fun-filled places to live, but according to a new report, some of their cities are actually the worst places to live. Really!”

Redfin – “Only 1 in 8 Redfin Offers Faced Competition in January, Down From More Than Half a Year Earlier” (2-12-2019)

“Just 13 percent of offers written by Redfin agents on behalf of their home-buying customers last month faced a bidding war, little changed from December’s record low, and down from 53 percent in January 2018.”

Zillow – “Homes in Luxury Neighborhoods the Object of Desire for Home Shoppers” (2-12-2019)

“According to a Zillow® analysis, home shoppers desire homes in some of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the country.”

ThinkRealty – “The Next Generation of Renters are Knocking at Your Door – Are You Prepared?” (2-12-2019)

“As a new generation enters adulthood and dives into renting their first homes, one question should be percolating for landlords and property managers across the U.S..

Forbes – “Where Real Estate Investors Should Look In 2019” (2-12-2019)

“Real estate professionals — and flippers in particular — spend a great deal of time analyzing the markets, but the only thing we really need to know is which way is it heading.”

Inman – “Housing Affordability Index Falls” (2-12-2019)

Housing affordability continues to fall, according to the National Association of Realtors’ Housing Affordability Index, released on Tuesday.”

Hard Money Loan Closed

Cerritos, California hard money loan closed. Real estate investor received loan for $700,000 on this single family property appraised for $1,024,000.

Cerritos Hard Money Loan


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Bruce Norris will be giving his latest Real Estate Market Update with MVP on Thursday, February 28.

Bruce Norris will be presenting 10 Decisions to Make Before The Next Downturn with OC FIBI on Tuesday, March 5.

Bruce Norris will be giving his latest Real Estate Market Update with IVAR on Wednesday, March 6.


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