Norris Bruce
Feb 04, 2019

Let’s Just Say That “Tin Is In!”

Today’s News Synopsis:

2019’s newest design trend.  According to Redfin’s latest data, the most affordable areas for millennials wanting to buy a home are St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Columbus.  Where are the top 20 metropolitan areas where peopel actually prefer to buy with cash?

In The News:

Redfin – “St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Columbus Are the Most Affordable Areas for Millennial Homebuyers” (2-4-2019)

“St. Louis was the most affordable metro for millennials as of the end of 2018, with more than 88 percent of homes for sale affordable on a $68,805 annual salary, the median household income for a millennial in the area.”

ATTOM Data Solutions – “Top 20 Metros in 2018 Where Cash is King” (2-4-2019)

“While cash sales may be on the decline nationally, compared to 2011 and 2012 when cash sales were at their peak. There are still areas in the housing market, where cash is king.”

Forbes “The Future Of Real Estate: Fintech 50 2019” (2-4-2019)

“Lagging prices of an uncertain housing market will put real estate fintech companies to the test.”

Zillow – “Share of Homes Sold Above Asking Price Hits Two-Year Low” (2-4-2019)

“The share of homes sold above asking price declined each month in the second half of 2018 – and December saw the biggest month-over-month drop since at least 2012 – another sign of the slowing housing market.

Curbed “Spindly treetop cabins look like birdhouses for people” (2-4-2019)

“Eco-tourism design is usually a product of its surroundings. In the tropics you get solar panel roofs; in the Canadian forest, you get sturdy, warm geodesic domes; and in Norway, you get spindly cabins that blend with the tall evergreen trees.”

The Washington Post – “Your hunt for a home should include research on the neighborhood’s long-term transit plan” (2-4-2019)

“Homeowners have learned the hard way how transit policy can severely impact the value of their homes, for better or worse. Most transit projects can take years or decades to plan and complete, but property values can soar or plummet at the mere mention of them.”

Today – “This jaw-dropping home is completely underground – even the backyard!” (2-4-2019)

“If you were to spot this Las Vegas property from the street, it would look like a pretty standard home. But the fun really begins once you head 26 feet underground.” – “Tin Is In: 8 Ways to Tap Into 2019’s Newest Design Trend” (2-4-2019)

“Metallics have been the darling of interior design for the past several years—silver, gold, and brass reign supreme in our homes, mixing together for every kind of look from eclectic to glam.”


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