Is Rent Control A Tool To Deal With The Consequences Of California’s Affordability Problem?

Today’s News Synopsis:

OPINION: California renters need relief.  That means weakening Costa-Hawkins.  Where are the best places to buy if you are a first-time homebuyer: Florida and Las Vegas.  A new style of home brings the jungle right into your own backyard, or more accurately, your living room.

In The News:

LA Times – “California renters need relief.  That means weakening Costa-Hawkins” (3-19-2019)

“Over the last few years, California’s elected officials have finally gotten serious about fixing the housing shortage that is eroding the quality of life here.” “Top 15 Home Features That Will Sell Your Home Fast – and for More Cash” (3-19-2019)

“It’s one of the (many) high-stakes gambles of homeownership: that awesome new feature or design improvement you’ve been wishin’ and hopin’ (and of course savin’ for) to add for your family might ultimately hurt, not help, your place’s resale value.”

Zillow “Florida and Las Vegas are the Best Markets for First-time Homebuyers” (3-19-2019)

“First-time buyers looking for an affordable home without steep competition will have the best luck in Tampa, Florida, according to Zillow®’s 2019 Best Markets for First-Time Buyers Analysis. This is the second year in a row that Tampa tops this list.”

CoreLogic – “CoreLogic Reports Strongest Single-Family Rent Growth Since 2016 Driven by Demand of Younger Households” (3-19-2019)

“CoreLogic® (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today released its latest Single-Family Rent Index (SFRI), which analyzes single-family rent price changes nationally and among 20 metropolitan areas.”

HousingWire “This housing market clue predicts pending economic slowdown” (3-19-2019)

“When it comes to the health of the economy, the housing market is the canary in the coal mine, providing clear and early clues of pending trouble. And that’s why analysts track its performance intently, looking at a multitude of indicators that might signal the looming recession some are forecasting.”

Curbed “Tropical modern home brings the jungle indoors” (3-19-2019)

“Benjamin Garcia Saxe knows his way around a tropical house. The architect behind Studio Saxe builds homes layered with balconies, terraces, and walkways that create beautiful moments of indoor-outdoor living.”

Apartment Therapy “Is This Ultra-Affordable 3D-Printed Tiny House the Home of the Future?” (3-19-2019)

“In a quiet East Austin neighborhood, newly-constructed homes sit side-by-side with the time-weathered structures in need of a fresh coat of paint, homes where overgrown grass reaches out to touch the cracked sidewalks.”

ThinkRealty “Managing Property and Liability Risks When Renters Move” (3-19-2019)

“While tenants move every month of the year, peak rental season typically runs from April through September. Any time you experience a “changing of the guard” there is an increased opportunity for a loss to occur at your investment property.”


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