Is A Smart Home Not Smart For Selling

Today’s News Synopsis:

According to a top real estate agent, your complex smart home system could actually be making your home unsellable.  What do you need to be saving every day in order to afford a home in one of the top 11 cities?  Of the homebuyers with kids, half of them purchase their home based on the school district.

In The News: “Hitting the Mark: What You Need to Save Daily to Buy a Home in 11 Top Cities” (8-12-2019)

“Get this: 3 million people move to cities every week, according to the International Organization for Migration.”

HousingWire “Freddie Mac: It will be another year in multifamily” (8-12-2019)

“It looks like the multifamily sector is set to have another strong year thanks to a combination of factors that will fuel demand for rental housing.”

MarketWatch “One-third of mortgage borrowers are missing the opportunity to save $2,000” (8-12-2019)

“Consumer advocates have an important recommendation for first-time buyers.  More than one in three mortgage borrowers are leaving money on the table.”

Business Insider “Your smart-home system could be making your home unsellable, according to a top real-estate agent” (8-12-2019)

“The ongoing amenity wars across America’s hottest luxury housing markets have resulted in the creation of extravagant features such as rooftop gyms and even dog spas.”

Bloomberg “When Midwest Startups Sell, Their Hometown Schools Often Lose” (8-12-2019)

“Cities keep handing tax incentives to local companies, even after they’ve cashed in.”

DS News “What is Causing the Fall of Homeownership Rates?” (8-12-2019)

“Despite all signs pointing toward a growing housing sector—record-low mortgage rates, strong refinance activity, and falling interest rates—information from Axios shows homeownership rates are dropping across the board.”

HousingWire – “Half of homebuyers with kids base purchase on school district” (8-12-2019)

“Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions a person can make during their lifetime. After all, where you live determines many factors about your life, including where you work, worship or even send your children to school.”

MarketWatch “A Danish bank is offering mortgages with negative interest rates – why you shouldn’t wish for that to happen in the U.S.” (8-12-2019)

“When a mortgage rate is negative, a borrower must still make monthly payments, but they pay back less than what they owe.”


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