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I Survived Real Estate 2022 - Part 1

I Survived Real Estate 2022 – Part 1



Industry insiders focus on what’s ahead for 2022-2023

The Norris Group’s annual award-winning event, I Survived Real Estate is back, LIVE! Our 15th annual black-tie gala that benefits Make-A-Wish and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will continue at the Nixon Presidential Library. Since 2008, together we’ve raised over $1,000,000 for charity!

Record inflation, high housing demand, steep interest rate increases, national affordability challenges, global supply chain disruption, a pandemic reshuffle, and a dangerous war are just some of the headwinds we face as an industry and a nation. What has forever changed and what will remain constant? Are we headed for a crash, a slowdown, or another record-breaking year despite black swans looming in the background? We’ve assembled some of the brightest minds to help us tackle topics we never thought we’d have to consider and how they might impact real estate.

Our network will want to pay special attention to The Norris Group Radio Show and Podcast as we will be doing pre-event shows featuring local experts as well as national leaders. There’s a lot at stake in 2022 for real estate investors. I Survived Real Estate was created during a year in crisis and our mission continues to bring thought leaders together for a great cause while preparing our industry for the year ahead.



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Narrator  This is The Norris Group’s real estate investor radio show the award-winning show dedicated to thought leaders shaping the real estate industry and local experts revealing their insider tips to succeed in an ever -changing real estate market hosted by author, investor, and hard money lender, Bruce Norris. The Norris Group proudly presents our 15th annual award winning event I Survived Real Estate. Industry experts join Bruce Norris to discuss the evolving industry trends, real estate bubbles, inflation and opportunities emerging for real estate professionals. All proceeds from the event benefit Make-a-wish and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. See for event details information on all our generous sponsors and to connect with our speakers. We want to thank our Platinum partners, San Diego Creative Investors Association, uDirect IRA Services, White Feather investments, The Collective Genius, MVT Productions, and Realty411.

Aaron Norris  (Singing)

Bruce Norris  Thank you guys. Oh, thank you. When Aaronis, when Aaron was three years old, he went missing we had bought a new house and we couldn’t find him. Like holy cow. And where he was? He was next door playing the piano. And the lady didn’t, didn’t know he was in the house. He had, he had seen the piano and said I have got to play that. And it’s always been part of what he wanted to do. But at three years old, yeah, he did that. He always wanted to get into theater. He had an older brother that was in theater, but he was so shy it was terrifying to him. And he, he tried out. And of course, you’re gonna get a role in children’s theater no matter what but it was such a relief that he cried. It was like a big, big thing to him. And as he did it more and more, he got very good at it. And he started getting all the lead roles for children’s theater. And at home, I had a weight room. And I was working out one time and he had just been told he had gotten a lead role in Mary Poppins and he was he was Bert. That’s right. And he’s making phone calls, as I’m working out to take a break I he’s methodically calling all the other kids in the play and I thought, you know, because he’s, you know, I got Bert, you know, that type of stuff. That’s not what he was doing. He called and asked what part they got. And then he bragged on their part. I’m tearing up, because I teared up and I cried at the poor guy, who would 11 does that. Who cares about team building and being there for other people to that extent, but that is who he’s always been. It’s always been the best experience for me following where Aaron has been, you know, when you’re a young kid, you’re always the son of the dad. But eventually you’re the Dad of the Son. And so when when he was taking theater and he would get a go through something like a Juilliard and pass it and graduation day. I’d go there for the first time with my wife, and they’re like, you’re Aaron Norris’ parents? Oh my God, we love him. We love him. When Aaron was at UCLA hospital had a similar experience he was there. He had been there about five weeks before for treatment. And this was the second treatment I had dropped in front of the hospital, parked the car and came back. And as I came back up to the floor, where he was at, there was sort of a buzz going on at the nursing station. And so as I went by, listen, and it was Aaron Norris is back, who gets that? I was so lucky to have him as a son, man, my favorite moment at I Survived. My favorite moment, at I Survived, was at the end of maybe one of the last ones that we were able to do live. I said, Hey, I really want to give Aaron a big thanks. And you guys stood up and gave him a standing ovation. It was so cool. What a very touching to me. I thought that was very neat. In March of this year, Aaron calls me up and says, that I really don’t know if I’m going to be healthy enough to, to pull off I Survive. Maybe we should cancel it. I said, Let me think about that. And now think about it long, I sent a text back, I said, ‘Hell no.’ If by chance, you’re, you’re there and you’re, you’re not well enough, I want, I want you to hear how people care about you. And I said, if you’re not here, then we’re going to play a five minute video about in a little bit of a memorial for Aaron. And wherever you are, I want to hear, I want you to hear how people care about you. And I want God to hear it too. So, let’s watch Aaron’s video. Thank you guys. Aaron has always been interested in, in charity. And he came to work for the company around 2005. And within a couple of years, he said, ‘You know, I think we should have a charity event.’ I said, ‘Well, we’re flipping company.’ And the first charity event we had, we had to tell people to come to the seminar. But it wasn’t a seminar because people just came out of faith in us honest to goodness, they came and it was, it was super well attended. But everyone didn’t know what to expect. And it was it was amazing. And it was really timely because our industry. The investors were getting blamed for what went on in 2009. Okay, and so it just so happened that on the panel, we had lots of national, you know, top people, Chief Economist of Fannie Mae, and the President of the Mortgage Bankers Association, etc. And so there’s about four people in the audience. And I said, I’m just curious how many of you guys are investors? Of course, every one of you was, so would you stand up, it’s everybody was dressed just like we are now. And everybody stood up. And I turned to the panelists, I just wanted, you know, what an investor look like. So, that night, we set, we set ourselves apart and said, you know, what, we weren’t the problem and now practically, we can be, we can be the solution. So, because Aaron was so interested in charity, he has, a legacy. He has started his own charity. And Michael Basij is going to come and talk to you about that. And he has received some funds already from and that’s that’s not what we’re doing. Right. The second, I want you to know that Aaron is continuing his legacy and supporting kids that maybe he’s as afraid as he is about acting was was about acting. And this way they can get trained to get better. So Michael, Michael? Oh, there you are.


Mike Bacich  I gotta tell you with everything that’s been going on, you do tend to think a lot about family. I haven’t even started yet. I was just as extemporaneous unfortunately for you. I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandfather, who I loved was my hero, Aaron, told us to cherish our heroes. And my grandfather was sort of person that everyone wanted to be around and stay with. And when he walked into a room, he lit up a room. And Aaron reminded me so much of him. And Bruce has a connection with my grandfather too, because the two smartest men I’ve ever known in my life for my grandfather and Bruce Norris, and neither one of them went to college, which goes to show you if you’re smart enough, you don’t need to go to college. My, my parents thought I needed a little bit more institutionalized education, so I stayed around for a little bit longer before they released me into society. I’d like to thank Joey Romero who has stepped into some incredible communities. This is hard enough for Aaron. And Joey stepping into it like that after a two year absence. I’d also like to thank Joey for picking somehow miraculously at the absolute all the worst pictures of me I’ve ever seen in my life. But I’m starting to think maybe it’s not the pictures, maybe it’s my face. So from at the very first I Survived meeting, Aaron got up here and quoted from the poet Maya Angelou and she said, ‘surviving is important, but thriving is elegant.’ And that’s what Aaron did, he thrived. So, I’m told it an event like this, I can’t talk about politics or religion. So naturally, I will talk about both of them. So, every year is Joey will tell you, Aaron was a little nervous that people weren’t going to sign up for this event. And I sit and relax. These are real estate people. They’re like mobile attorneys. They’re not sitting behind a desk, they’re out doing stuff. Plus, being a perfectionist, he wanted everything to be perfect. Every year, he had asked me to say a little prayer that people would show up. His concerns, however, were never about himself. It was always about you and having a good event. He was worried about his dad, he was worried about charities. And he was very worried and concerned about the ongoing and noble causes that you all support. And he said, ‘Say a little prayer.’ And I said, ‘Aaron, there are no little prayers, there are only prayers.’ So, all of you here, whatever your background is, I have prayed for you. That’s one of my contributions to this dinner. My second contribution to this dinner is I was one of the two gentlemen that was posted outside that door to try to keep you all from getting in here early. And I did a terrible job because when we finally opened the door, there’s like 18 or 19 people in here. There’s purses, there’s chairs, tilted, people were holding seats. And I figured you know, there’s nothing that can stop a real estate agent from getting onto a piece of property if they really want to. And some of you were really diabolical. One lady cut through the kitchen and said she worked for the staff. And then the staff asked me, ‘Do you know this lady,’ I’m like, ‘I’ve never seen her before in my life.’ And actually, I did, but I lied and covered for. Finally, and perhaps my greatest contribution to this event was the bacon wrapped dates that you all eat in the lobby. So, there was actually one year we didn’t have them. And I thought half of you were going to leave. And I took, I told Aaron and I’m like, what, what are you doing? Did they came here for the bacon wrapped dates, and then some information in addition to that, so, so, you’re welcome. I’m grateful. I’m grateful to see so many of you here. That is a creation of Aaron’s ingenuity and imagination. And now his legacy. And the money raised by all of you at The Norris Group and the many sponsors are well over a million dollars and counting and continuing and, your continued support has been amazing. And I can feel Aaron here tonight, and I could feel his joy that you’re all here tonight. I’d also like to quickly take this time to thank all the doctors, nurses and medical professionals that helped Aaron because of the rare, the very rare form of cancer he had. We actually could have lost him suddenly over a year and a half ago. Although even tonight, it’s still very sudden. Some of you may have seen Aaron’s TED Talk. And if you haven’t, I would encourage you not during the event. But go, go, Google TED talks, Aaron Norris, and you’ll see something beautiful and something full of wisdom. It’s informational and it’s inspirational. And he talks about life. He talks about fear, love, courage, but mostly Aaron’s talking about saying yes, yes to life. He talks about not being perfect, but real people aren’t perfect and perfect. People aren’t real, although he’s about the closest thing I’ve ever seen to it. Sorry. The big lesson from the TED talk is that although we may have a destination in mind, how we adapted to distractions and disappointments of life, sometimes bring us to beautiful places that we couldn’t have imagined like tonight. Aaron thought his life would be in show business. And it kind of was I mean, this is kind of show business. How many boring seminars have you been to and you probably not been to many that are this fantastic. Although Aaron thought his life would be in show business through the twists and turns, he ended up back in California working with his dad, and contributing to the community while obtaining his MBA Cum Laude from UC Irvine. I only graduated college thank the Laude. The the messages, the messages of, the messages of love, as you can imagine, have been overwhelming, awards have already been named after Aaron. And people have gone out of their way, my phone’s been blowing up. People want to come up and tell me and Bruce and you how much he changed your lives, and how important he was to them. And the themes are all similar, adored, sincere, sweet, happy, helpful, funny, and always fun. And I’ve always said Aaron was just quite simply a walking smile, who wanted to live in a better world that he helped create. So, the name Aaron is Hebrew. And it means mountain of strength, exalted one, teacher, good job naming your kid Bruce, there was, and how fitting because he was a teacher to so many he was exalted by everyone and he was my mountain of strength and to so many others as well. I’ve often said Bruce, I mean, Aaron was the perfect combination of both of his parents, Bruce and Marcia. He had his father’s business acumen and generosity and his mother’s charity and compassion for others. Aaron in the TED Talk urges us over and over again to say yes, yes to life. Yes to weird and yes to different and yes to new. Aaron always taught us how to say yes, and you being here tonight is a gigantic, beautiful yes to Aaron. So, even in our grief. We’re so thankful for the many years that we had Aaron with us. So, appropriately, the name of St. Jude’s Magazine is inspire, which is what Aaron did more so than anyone I’ve ever met. Even in the hardest times as Bruce indicated, while he was fighting cancer, he was more concerned with cheering up the staff and the other patients in the hospital than he was in his own well being. Of course, he had little tricks, he would play them with cupcakes, pizza, cookies, and other small measures of love and affection. And of course, of course, he was their favorite patient. And with everything he was going through, he was more concerned about brightening their lives, which is a typical theme in Aaron’s life. I’ve often said the most question asked to me over the past 18 years is ‘Where is Aaron?’ And the most common response I say is, ‘I don’t know.’ To be honest, sometimes he was so busy. There was one year I actually considered chipping him just so I can keep tabs on where he was and what he was doing. And I’m not going to tell you all the wonderful things about Aaron. Nobody could, in fact, you probably have as many stories as I do, or maybe more. But the thread that ties Aaron with all of us and all that he did was joy, compassion and love. No one hanging out with Aaron ever wanted to leave. And Aaron love the arts. As we’ve seen, we know when it formed the man he grew up to be. But even as an adult Aaron had a boy’s heart, pure ensure that he could do anything. The Aaron Norris Creative Fund was created this year to support the arts programs primarily in the Inland Empire. Aaron was a beloved member of the community and is fondly remembered by the Inland Empire Community Foundation for his leadership and dedication and raising almost a million dollars in charity for the Inland Empire. The Aaron Norris Creative Fund that lives on here and Ever After will help us support arts programs throughout Southern California. And perhaps someday even possibly inspire a future Aaron. St. Francis said, always show the goodness of God and when necessary use words. And that was Aaron’s life. One saying Aaron said it actually irritated me. I hated this. Aaron said it’s all good. It’s all good. It’s all good. A lot of you young people say this like way too much. It’s all good. And I’m not accustomed to that I come from an Italian family. We don’t even, we didn’t even answer the phone ‘Hello.’ We answered the phone ‘What’s wrong?’ But you know what with Aaron, with Aaron, it was all good. And Aaron was all good. And as Aaron would say quoting from a musical of course it doesn’t matter how you start it matters how you land and his start his middle and his landing. were excellent So, I’ve seen this video, but I had to go in the hallway because I couldn’t see it again, I’ve seen him play that piano 100 times. And it doesn’t get any easier, but it does get more beautiful every time. So, another lyric from that song he was playing on the piano applies not only to him, but also the incredible organizations that you’re supporting tonight. ‘Somewhere beyond all doubt of fear, beyond the reach of sorrows, tears, were broken hearts run strong and free, where every child of God will be.’ So, Aaron didn’t have a long life. But it was full and joyful. Aaron lived by a motto that he himself never said. But it’s from President Roosevelt, the good one, Teddy is in the corner. ‘Do what you can, where you are with what you have.’ And that’s always what he did. And thank you for being a part of Aaron’s legacy as we begin our new journey together. So, with that my plea to you tonight comes directly from Aaron, from his TED talk. Please give generously of your time, your talent and your treasure. God bless you and all the work that you do. And like I said, I can feel Aaron, with us here tonight. I could feel him in the room. And I know as always that he’s smiling. Thank you.

Narrator  We’d also like to thank our gold sponsors, Chase Leland Photography, Inland Valley Association of Realtors, Keystone CPA, Inc, LA South REIA, Leivas Tax Wealth Management, NorCal REIA, NSDREI, Pasadena FIBI, Tony Alvarez, White House Catering, Wilson Investments, Windermere Tower Realty. See for event details, information on all our generous supporters and to connect with our speakers.For more information on hard money, loans and upcoming events with The Norris Group, check out For information on passive investing with trust deeds, visit

Aaron Norris  The Norris Group originates and services loans in California and Florida under California DRE License 01219911, Florida Mortgage Lender License 1577, and NMLS License 1623669.  For more information on hard money lending, go and click the Hard Money tab.



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