How To Keep Your Home As Virus Free As You Can

Today’s News Synopsis:

Crucial COVID-19 cleaning tips.  What’s the best way to get a loan and save your business during this time?  Following Fannie and Freddie, the FHA and VA have also begun to make things easier for lenders.

In The News:

Inman “How to get a loan and save your business during the pandemic” (3-31-2020)

“The government is basically giving away free money. Most brokerages and agents should be able to take advantage of it.”

Curbed “What your landlord thinks about rent right now” (3-31-2020)

“Property owners juggle a widespread struggle to pay rent with their own mortgage responsibilities.”

HousingWire “FHA, VA join Fannie, Freddie in relaxing some standards” (3-31-2020)

“With the coronavirus continuing to reshape the face of the country and the economy, the biggest players in the mortgage business are moving to make it easier to lend under
these extraordinary circumstances.”

Mortgage Professional America “NAHB prods Homeland Security to tag housing construction as essential” (3-31-2020)

“The National Association of Home Builders has petitioned to designate home construction as an “essential infrastructure business” during the coronavirus pandemic.” “Crucial COVID-19 Cleaning Tips: How To Keep Your Home Virus-Free During the Pandemic” (3-31-2020)

“Probably one of the most disturbing details to recently emerge about COVID-19 is just how long the virus can live on surfaces. Another scary thought? The fact that an estimated 42% of us aren’t even cleaning those surfaces properly.”

The Real Deal “Ginnie Mae to use natural disaster program to help struggling mortgage servicers” (3-31-2020)

“Nonbank mortgage lenders, who are bracing for a massive cash crunch as borrowers across the country seek loan forbearance because of the coronavirus crisis, are set to get some relief thanks to a government program reserved for natural disasters.”

Business Insider “Here’s how the $2 trillion stimulus package can help real estate agents at a time when the coronavirus is bringing the housing market to a halt” (3-31-2020)

“A $2 trillion economic stimulus package has been signed into law as a direct response to the coronavirus pandemic.  The stimulus will inject a flood of cash into the economy, provide support for struggling businesses and individuals, and expand unemployment benefits.”


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