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Today’s News Synopsis:

Neighborhood projects that bring smiles to others.  Despite the shift in the economy, it’s important to see some of the silver linings.  eClosings can make closing on a home possible while maintaining social distancing.

In The News:

Inman “Want to accelerate your business recovery? Specialize now” (4-13-2020)

“Prepare now for the market to bounce back. Don’t turn off the marketing funnel, but rather, double down on hyperlocal marketing efforts.”

HousingWire “Silver linings amid the economic shift” (4-9-2020)

“Can we all just agree that there can be good and bad happening at the exact same time, caused by the same thing?.”

Zillow “Coronavirus Impact: New Listings Fall Sharply as Spring Home Shopping Season is Set to Begin” (4-13-2020)

“Despite the drop in new listings, total inventory is up as activity has slowed and few homes are being removed from the market.”

Mortgage Professional America “Nearly 29% of Americans plan to pay mortgage with their stimulus checks” (4-13-2020)

“As the first batch of taxpayers wait for their stimulus checks to arrive in the coming weeks, more than a quarter of Americans have decided to spend their relief money on rent or mortgage.”

Redfin “eClosings: How to Close on a Home while Social Distancing” (4-13-2020)

“Redfin has been investing in digitizing real estate transactions for years, and with social distancing as a requirement in U.S. society right now, the digital revolution is happening faster than ever.” “Neighborhood Projects Bring Smiles to Others’ Faces—From a Safe Distance” (4-13-2020)

“In this time of coronavirus and social distancing, plenty of people are stuck in their homes, trying their best to ward off boredom and keep their spirits high.”

Realtor Magazine “Coach’s Corner: This Is Not the Time to Go Silent” (4-13-2020)

“As a real estate coach, I’ve helped my clients through every imaginable challenge in their business. But now with the pandemic, we’re all facing some unimaginable ones, too.”


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ALERT: Bruce Norris will be presenting his newest talk 6 Things To Succeed In 2020 with Pasadena FIBI on Thursday, April 16 (ONLINE ONLY).

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Bruce and Aaron Norris will be presenting Keep-Sell-Create in Sacramento on Saturday, June 20.


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