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Jul 20, 2018
If, Hypothetically, California Was Split Into 3 States, Where Would You Want To Own Real Estate? #413

 Real Estate News Recap: Builder Confidence Stays at Healthy Level in July Housing Starts Fal 12.3 Percent As Tariffs Draw Increased Concern Mortgage Rates Barely Move The top 10 US cities where you can earn $100,000 a year and still feel broke Could baby boomers spur a housing bust?

Jul 20, 2018
Interior Design and Finishing With Andrea Van Soest #600

Aaron Norris is joined this week by Andrea Van Soest for The Norris Group’s 600th radio show. This is 250 hours of real estate content and 10 years on the radio show. Andrea is a flipper, realtor, and designer. She adds the design eye to the husband-wife team at So

Jul 16, 2018
Top 10 Where You Can Earn $100k and Still Feel Like You’re Struggling

Today’s News Synopsis: Earning six figures and you still feel broke?  Several big banks are feeling the impact of a difficult spring for the housing market with high property values and increased mortgage rates.  More and more real estate deals are being done with Bitcoin. In The News: National Association

Jul 13, 2018
Is Saving 20% For A Down Payment Realistic? Or Even a Good Idea? #412

 Real Estate News Recap: Mortgage Credit Availability Increased in June Foreclosure rates sink on better economy, improved underwriting Mortgage Applications Increase in Latest MBA Weekly Survey 362,275 U.S. Properties with Foreclosure Filings in First Six Months of 2018, Down 15 Percent From a Year Ago June New Home Purchase

Jul 12, 2018
More and More Evidence Says No

Today’s News Synopsis: Is saving 20% for a down payment realistic?  In the first half of 2018, foreclosure filings were down 15% from last year at 363,275 properties.  New home purchase mortgage applications decreased 8.8% year over year. In The News: Washington Post – “More evidence of why trying to save

Jul 11, 2018
Keep It Real, Not Reality

Today’s News Synopsis: What reality TV doesn’t tell you about flipping houses.  The Mortgage Bankers Association reported a 2.5% increase in mortgage applications from last week. offered buyers a list of scenarios to decide whether it is better to stay and renovate your home or move to a new

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