I Survived Real Estate 2008


This event was about solutions for our ailing real estate industry. Eight industry experts from different real estate sectors converged to discuss how we got here, where we’re going, and how we move forward together and prosper in the coming year. This was a rare opportunity to hear how leadership from the Realtors, builders, investors, mortgage industry, investors, auctioneers and service providers each would approach and solve issues in the current California and national real estate market.

The event officially kicked off on June 21st with the first interview prepping the audience for the live event on The Norris Group Real Estate Radio Show.

Get to know the expert panelists by listening to their radio show interviews and then watch the complete program on Google Video below. There are three ways to listen to the pre-event radio interviews:

Part 1 – Event introduction, introduction of sponsors, reason for the event, intro to Komen for the Cure, Stewart McQue from Komen.

Part2 – Thanks to the Platinum Sponsors who made it all possible, Bruce Norris introduction, Bruce Norris talks about why this event was important.

Part 3 – Introduction of Christopher Thornberg, Christopher Thornberg presentation.

Part 4 – Last part of the Christopher Thornberg presentation, introduction of Rick Sharga from RealtyTrac, Rick Sharga’s presentation.

Part 5 – Rick Sharga from RealtyTrac continues his presentation.

Part 6 – Bruce introduces Philip Tirone from the 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score and The Mortgage Equity Group, Philip describes how mortgage companies have caught on to some poor lending practices, Philip describes solutions for consumers and investors.

Part 7 – Bruce introduces Annemaria Allen from the Compliance Group, Annemaria is representing the California Mortgage Brokers Association, Annemaria covers the industry yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Part 8 – Bruce introduces Richard Lambros who is the CEO of the Builders Industry Association of Southern California. Richard covers the current state of the building industry, how the building industry will affect employment, homes as infrastructure not just homes, how the builders are adjust