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Louisiana Foreclosure Laws

Attorney General’s Office

300 Capitol Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
P.O Box 94005
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
Tel: (225) 326-6705
Fax: (225) 326-6793

Type of Document: Mortgage

Types of Foreclosure:

Judicial foreclosure is the only method available to the lender. They can accomplish this in two ways in the state of Louisiana; executory or ordinary. The executory method is available if the correct documents were used at the time the mortgage was signed by the borrower. This speeds up the foreclosure process considerably. The advantage to the borrower is that no deficiency judgment can be sought after this type of foreclosure. Ordinary method involves a lawsuit also, but the speed is slowed. If the borrower loses, the property will be sold at a date specified to satisfy the judgment.

Deficiency: Available to lender only if the ordinary method of foreclosure was used.

Redemption: No right of redemption

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