Freddie Mac Offers Tips To Avoid Scams

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Avoid foreclosure rescue fraud.  The current Coronavirus pandemic has led to a peaked interest in housing in rural areas and small towns. offers some essential tips if you’re still wanting to buy a house during this time.

In The News: “Should I Buy a House During the Coronavirus Crisis? An Essential Guide” (4-6-2020)

“Spring is upon us, which typically involves a big peak of home buyers checking out properties, negotiating, and closing on new places.”

Redfin “Interest in Rural Areas and Small Towns Spikes During the Coronavirus Outbreak” (4-6-2020)

“Small towns and rural areas may be set to boom in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Homebuyer interest in these less-populous areas surged in March as the coronavirus became a national emergency.”

Curbed “From virtual showings to online notaries, the homebuying process is finally going digital” (4-6-2020)

“Coronavirus might be forcing the long-predicted digital revolution in the real estate transaction.”

Freddie Mac “Avoiding Foreclosure Rescue Fraud” (4-6-2020)

“During times of distress, homeowners should be aware of a common fraud known as ‘foreclosure rescue fraud.'”

Realtor Magazine “NAR Releases Guidance on Unemployment Assistance Eligibility” (4-6-2020)

“The federal government’s stimulus package that’s poised to provide aid to the economy and workers during the pandemic also extends unemployment benefits to those traditionally ineligible, including self-employed individuals and independent contractors— categories that many real estate professionals fall under.”

CNBC “Coronavirus mortgage bailout: ‘There is going to be complete chaos,’ says industry CEO” (4-6-2020)

“A broad coalition of mortgage and finance industry leaders on Saturday sent a plea to federal regulators, asking for desperately needed cash to keep the mortgage system running during the coronavirus pandemic, as requests from borrowers for the federal mortgage forbearance program are pouring in at an alarming rate.”

Realtor Magazine “Why Observe Fair Housing Month in a Time of Crisis?” (4-6-2020)

“In April, amid the flurry of spring market activity, REALTORS® usually set aside time to commemorate the anniversary of the passage of the Fair Housing Act.”


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