Norris Bruce
May 06, 2019

Folks Fear Laxed Standards Could Repeat the Bubble-Era Madness

Today’s News Synopsis:

Could HELOC’s threaten homeowners and the economy?  If you want a better chance of getting that house, there are actually 7 instances where you want to offer over the asking price.  Household income rose for everyone….expect the lowest income earners.

In The News: “7 Times to Offer Over Asking Price on a House – or Else You May Lose Out” (5-6-2019)

“Offering over asking price on a house often makes buyers wince. But let’s face it, paying above list price is just a reality in certain circumstances—at least if you really have any hopes of getting that house!”

Curbed “Why is RV design so boring?” (5-6-2019)

“Whether you’re in Texas or Vermont, Los Angeles or Orlando, if you walk onto an RV sales lot you’ll likely see the same thing: A sea of identical RVs.”

Zillow – “Ready, Set, Home!  Tips for Buyers and Seller Success in 2019’s Uncertain Shopping Season” (5-6-2019)

“The magic window for sellers just opened – the first two weeks of May are the best time to list a home, according to Zillow® research, when sellers can make more money and sell faster.”

That was one of Barron’s attention-grabbing headlines in April. And the story only got worse from there.”

Bloomberg “Household Income and Spending Rose for All But the Lowest Earners” (5-6-2019)

“Most households spent more last year amid larger paychecks. But one cohort was left behind.”

MarketWatch “Easily available home equity lines of credit threaten homeowners and the economy” (5-6-2019)

“Home equity lines of credit (HELOC) are back in a big way. Because they caused such terrible damage after the housing bubble collapsed, it’s time to take a good look at them and see why they again pose real potential harm.”

Forbes – “Buyer Beware: How A Downturn Could Affect Real Estate Crowdfunding” (5-6-2019)

“Real estate crowdfunding has grown exponentially over the past few years. Many crowdfunding platforms are thriving as the industry has ballooned into a multibillion-dollar market.”

U.S. News “5 Things About Turnkey Real Estate Investments” (5-6-2019)

Real estate can offer passive income and protection against market downturns over the long term. Turnkey rentals offer an alternative to the traditional direct ownership model and can generate a profit.”

Apartment Therapy “5 Cities Where Millennials Are Actually Finding Those Mythical ‘Starter Homes'” (5-6-2019)

“It’s no surprise that the American housing market is pretty inhospitable to first-time homebuyers: Not only have available “starter homes” (the least expensive third of houses on the market) decreased by 23.2 percent in the past five years, these homes are also gaining value with incredible speed—57.3 percent over half a decade.”


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