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6 Things To Succeed in 2020

2020 is shaping up to be a unique and challenging year.  If interest rates decrease, it could potentially set off a refinance boom and get more potential buyers off the fence and into home-ownership.  Increasing rates could scare buyers aware and temper an already so-so California real estate market.  Like we always do we will keep a close eye on the charts, but in addition to all the crucial charts we track, it’s imperative to talk about six critical categories:


  • Inventory to exit while you still have time
  • Overcoming barriers in 2020 that will stop most investors
  • Uncover creative profit centers in 2020 (using recent deals as examples)
  • Hone negotiating skills for profitable deals when others fail
  • Taking inventory of all your assets and putting them to good use
  • Writing a set of goals that will drive you to new heights in 2020

See you there!

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Bruce Short Biography

Bruce Norris is an active investor, hard money lender, and real estate educator with over 35 years of experience. Bruce has been involved in thousands of real estate transactions as a buyer, seller, builder, and money partner. Bruce is best known for his long-term market timing trends including his “California Comeback” report in 1997 predicting California’s real estate boom and his January 2006 release, “The California Crash,” predicting the foreclosure meltdown. You can catch him speaking and debating nationally as well as catching his award-winning real estate radio show where he interviews world-renowned economists, government leaders, association presidents, and local experts. Bruce also hosts the series, I Survived Real Estate, which has raised over $860,000 for charity since the event launched in 2008. He was awarded the 2018 Educator of the Year by Think Realty.

 Needed for Bruce’s Presentation

  • Technology
    • Projector
    • Screen
    • Presentation clicker
    • If you need Bruce to bring a laptop, please let us know ASAP
  • Bruce or team will have presentation on the thumb drive
  • Sound
    • Microphone (wireless lapel preferred)
    • If more than 50 people or the room requires, please have adequate sound available so attendees have a good experience and Bruce doesn’t loose his voice
  • TNG requires that all video (including live streaming) should be for “members only” and none should be made available via public outlets like YouTube, Vimeo, or other social media without express permissions for TNG. Please keep in mind we work with other clubs and it’s important to make certain that people show up to live events!
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