Florida Flip Hard Money Program

Refinance/Rental Program

The Norris Group’s Flipper Purchase Price Program offers investors an 8.9% rate when we fund at 75% of purchase price. Same one-year term and no prepayment penalty applies. And, of course, the same speed and service of the ARV program. If you’re wanting to max the money you can receive, please see the Flipper ARV Program. Or call 951-780-5856 for questions to discuss which hard money lending program is right for you.

This private lending program is available for self-directed IRA accounts and entities (Corps, LLCs, partnerships, trusts, etc.). There are four inspection fees that are tied directly to builder department approved milestones.

Rehabber/Flipper Purchase Price

Term of Loan 1 Year

Interest Rate 8.9%

Prepayment Penalty NONE

**Loan to Value Up to 75% Puchase Price

**Points 2 Pts

Misc. Fees $1,095

Appraisal Fee $375-$400

Notes N/A

Entities OK

IRA Loans OK

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