Florida Rehab Flipper Hard Money program

Refinance/Rental Program

This is The Norris Group’s flagship hard money program for real estate investor flippers and rehabbers. It’s built for speed closing in as little as five business days when all paperwork is signed and all escrow instructions are delivered to us quickly. Are you an experienced investor? We offer lower points for pros! We can work with self-directed IRA accounts and entities (Corps, LLCs, partnerships, trusts, etc.) and there’s no prepayment penalty.

Willing to put more down? Rates as low as 8.9% depending on the amount down in the deal. Call (951) 780-5856 and ask for Craig Hill.

* 0.4% additional interest if investor is not opted in for direct deposit.

** Points and LTV/ARV are subject to the required third-party appraisal which takes into consideration property condition, property location, and the investor experience. All loans subject to change.

Rehabber/Flipper ARV

Term: 1 year

Rate: 9.9% interest only

Prepayment penalty: None

Up to 70% ARV MAX with holdback

Points: New investors 2 pts., experienced 1 pt

Fees: $1,095

Appraisal Fee: $375-$400

Entities, trusts & IRAs OK

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