Jul 10, 2019

I Can Almost Reach That Mortgage

Today’s News Synopsis: Zillow’s latest report showed that high school grads in most cities can almost afford that mortgage payment.  The Mortgage Bankers Association reported a 2.4% decrease in mortgage applications from last week.  What are the five crucial questions you need to ask before selling your home? In The

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Jul 09, 2019

Can You Match The Demand To The Supply? Apparently Not In This Market

Today’s News Synopsis: The biggest thing pushing buyers out of the market is an uneven match between housing supply and buyer demand.  The amount of mortgage credit available increased last month by 0.2% to 189.8.  Meanwhile, CoreLogic reported delinquency rates were at their lowest in 20 years as of April.

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Jul 08, 2019

You Won’t Go Home Hungry In These Places

Today’s News Synopsis: What are the top ten places in the United States for food destinations?  ThinkRealty released their latest report on the housing market, sharing things like the need for mortgage applications to change and more.  If you’re coming from out of town and want that home that’s over

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Jul 03, 2019

AirDNA and Vacation Rentals With Leslie James #650

Aaron Norris is joined this week by Leslie James of AirDNA.  This was an interview that was a long-time coming. They were nice enough to help The Norris Group back in September of last year to create a very beefy chapter on vacation rentals that they ended up doing for their

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Jul 03, 2019

Which Real Estate Technology Company Is Leaving The U.S.? #460

 Real Estate News Recap: Construction spending retreats 0.8% in May CoreLogic Reports May Home Prices Increased by 3.6% Year Over Year Supply of Homes for Sale Down 0.3 Percent in June, First Annual Decline in 10 Months Mortgage Applications Decreased Slightly in Latest MBA Weekly Survey Taxed to the

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Jul 02, 2019

Is It Time To Sound The Alarm?

Today’s News Synopsis: Alt-doc loans have doubled in the last 2 years.  Home prices increased 3.6% year-over-year in May according to CoreLogic.  Where is the number one zip code for baby boomers to live in America? In The News: Curbed – “Oregon just effectively banned single-family zoning” (7-2-2019) “Oregon just staked

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Jul 01, 2019

The Sunshine State Is A Transplant Favorite. Beaches, Weather, and Lack of Taxes

Today’s News Synopsis: Taxed to the hilt, more homebuyers are migrating to Florida.  Spending on construction decreased by 0.8% in May, the first time in six months to see a decrease.  With the increase in iBuyers, it is important to hear what they have to say. In The News: HousingWire –

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Jun 28, 2019

We’ve Heard of NIMBYs, But Have You Heard of BANANAs? #459

 Real Estate News Recap: U.S. Home Values Fall for the Second Straight Month Mortgage Applications Increase in Latest MBA Weekly Survey Mortgage Rates Drop America’s housing market is competitive, unequal, and often just getting by.  Just like us. More than a Third of Americans Cry While Selling Their Home

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Jun 28, 2019

Q & A with the SDCIA Panel #649

This week’s radio show is unique in that we are covering an event Aaron recently spoke at with SDCIA. At this event, he spoke with different people on a panel of experts.  This will close out our  Featured on the panel were Catherine Blakespear, mayor of Encinitas, Greg Nickless, Senior Housing

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Jun 27, 2019

Bankrate Study Says Yes. 32% Are Due To Housing Costs

Today’s News Synopsis: Are housing costs causing Americans to lose sleep?  Mortgage rates decreased this week with 30-year rates now at 3.73% and 15-year rates at 3.16%.  Pending home sales increased last month by 1.1%. In The News: DS News – “Are Housing Costs Causing Americans to Lose Sleep?” (6-27-2019) “A new

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