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Feb 13, 2017 Releases List of Top Suburban Areas in America

Today’s News Synopsis: released their list of the top suburban areas in America.  A house that remains on the market, still waiting for an owner, is the former home of Lou Gerhrig, which he originally bought as a fixer-upper.  A new chief economist, Mark Calabria, has just been hired by Vice President Mike Pence.

In The News:

New York Times – “Lou Gehrig’s Fixer-Upper Awaits a Buyer for the Long Run” (2-12-2017)

“The Iron Horse had brass fixtures in his house. And galvanized steel wiring. He also had clapboard siding, parquet floors and a screened-in porch.”

Bloomberg – “It’s a Moment of Truth for U.S. Companies” (2-13-2017)

“Say what you will about Donald Trump’s economic prescriptions, it’s hard to argue he hasn’t been a boon for corporate sentiment. A looming question for investors is how that buoyancy will translate when it comes to business spending.” “America’s Suburban Hotspots” (2-13-2017)

“Nationally, strong demand in the real estate market has resulted in active home listings falling by 11% and prices increasing by 10% year over year, as of January 2016. This trend is straining the affordability of homes in markets across the county.”

Inman – “What is the best digital advertising for real estate agents?” (2-13-2017)

“Remember the good ol’ days of real estate marketing?  You bought a bus sign, sent out a postcard — maybe put your face on a grocery cart — or some other form of “display” advertising. Times have certainly changed, however, and real estate agents can thank the internet for that.”

Bloomberg – “Calpers Gave Up $900 Million Since Lowering Allocation” (2-13-2017)

“It has cost the California Public Employees’ Retirement System about $900 million since September to reduce its exposure to stocks and private equities as the largest U.S. pension fund sought to reduce risk in its portfolio.”

ThinkAdvisor – “Commercial Real Estate Executives Cautiously Optimistic” (2-13-2017)

“The Real Estate Roundtable’s first quarter sentiment index, released Friday, registered at 55, up seven points from the pre-election fourth quarter.”

DS News – “VP Pence Hires New Chief Economist” (2-13-2017)

“Vice President Mike Pence has named a noted free market advocate as his new head of economics.  Pence named Mark Calabria, former director of financial regulation studies at the Cato Institute, a Libertarian organization based in Washington, D.C., to be his chief economist on Monday.”



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