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7 things the Real Estate industry should be doing amid Coronavirus. tells you whether or not now is a good time to buy a home should there be a recession.  Cities in the U.S. are banning evictions in the wake of the worsening coronavirus.

In The News: “Should You Buy a Home If a Recession Is Imminent?  Answers Ahead” (3-16-2020)

“Between the coronavirus pandemic and a plummeting stock market, many may wonder: Are we headed for a recession? Anyone hoping to buy a home anytime soon would probably like to know the answer before committing to a major, long-term purchase.”

HousingWire “Fed makes 2nd emergency rate cut as virus spreads” (3-16-2020)

“The Federal Reserve made its second emergency cut in two weeks, slashing 1% off its benchmark rate, and renewed a program to buy Treasuries and mortgage bonds in an effort to bolster the economy as the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 spreads in the U.S.”

MarketWatch “U.S. cities are temporarily banning evictions as coronavirus outbreak worsens” (3-16-2020)

“Several major cities across the U.S. have either issued temporary bans on evictions or are considering them as the novel coronavirus outbreak unfolds.”

Inman “7 things the industry should be doing amid coronavirus” (3-16-2020)

“What can the real estate industry do to minimize the ripple effect of the pandemic? Here are some thoughts on best practices from a broker in a coronavirus hotbed.”

Realtor Magazine “Coronavirus forces Culture Change in Real Estate” (3-16-2020)

“As new restrictions on American life, including extensive closures of schools, restaurants, and bars in cities across the country, exacerbate the efforts surrounding the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus, real estate brokerages are adapting their businesses and preparing their clients for what could be a chaotic few weeks or months ahead in the housing market.”


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