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The market should be experiencing a housing boom.  What are five important questions you need to ask before making the decision to buy that house?  When it comes to the state with the most mortgage denials, Florida ranks number one.

In The News: “You’d Better Ask These 5 Crucial Questions Before You Buy a House” (10-21-2019)

“No matter how many episodes of “House Hunters” or “Love It or List It” you’ve watched, buying a home inevitably comes with surprises.”

Redfin “Affordability is a Relative Concept – Boston Tops U.S. Migration Destinations in the Third Quarter” (10-21-2019)

“Boston passed the less expensive inland metro areas that typically dominate the list of top migration destinations, but it’s still an affordable option for some.”

CNBC “Backyard bungalows are becoming big business for homeowners and builders” (10-21-2019)

“They’re not just she-sheds or he-sheds or granny pods or tiny homes. The latest housing trend in the backyard is now front and center for a new breed of homebuilder and landlord.”

Forbes “Florida Ranks No. 1 In The U.S. For Mortgage Denial Rates” (10-21-2019)

“A new study that analyzes where and why mortgage shoppers get denied provides a revealing snapshot of the high rate of denials in Florida.”

DS News “Could Trade Wars Cause the Next Recession?” (10-21-2019)

“A forecast from Goldman Sachs says the ongoing trade war between China and the U.S.  is “kicking the tires” of growth, but not likely to start another recession, according to Business Insider.”

MarketWatch “I’m 69, worth $5 million and want great health care and a good climate – but refuse to move to California.  Where should I retire?” (10-21-2019)

“We’re 69 and 68 respectively, and are presently retired in Las Vegas. Our net worth is about $5 million, so money is not an overriding issue.”

HousingWire “Supreme Court to take on CFPB constitutionality case” (10-21-2019)

“The Supreme Court announced Friday it will take on the case challenging the constitutionality of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s leadership.”

USA Today “Refinance or not?  Getting a better deal isn’t always a slam dunk” (10-21-2019)

“Low interest rates are sparking another mortgage-refinance boom. If you haven’t applied for a loan in a few years, it might be time to reconsider.”

Axios “The Missing Housing Boom” (10-21-2019)

“The real estate market should be experiencing a boom — but it’s not. In fact, the U.S. housing market has been stagnant for the last 3 years and is beginning to turn lower, data shows.”



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